Top wearable devices

From watches to jewellery and even sunglasses, all the best smart technology gadgets you can wear
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MOTA SMART RING: This ring wirelessly connects to smart phones and updates wearers on only the notifications they want.
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MOTO 360: This circular smart watch is is powered by Google's new Android Wear operating system and features a built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer step counter.
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SAFETY JEWELLERY: Created by Sense6 Design, Artemis is a necklace that with three taps provides instant access to a private security operator by wirelessly connecting through a smartphone.
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PEBBLE SMART WATCH: This smart watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices. When connected to a phone, it can receive a vibrating alert to text messages, emails, calls, and social media. It can also act as a remote controller for the phone, or for cameras such as the GoPro.
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MICROSOFT BAND: According to the Guardian "it makes you feel like you’re under house arrest", the new fitness wearable is designed for people who want to live healthier and be more productive, but early reviews suggest it is uncomfortable.
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TZUKURIS SUNGLASSES: Described as unloseable, if wearers leave their sunglasses behind they will receive an iPhone alert showing where they are. The app also recognises if the iPhone is left behind and will ring extra loudly.
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SAMSUNG GEAR S: The first cellular-enabled smartwatch from a big name brand.
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SMART EARRINGS: Ear-o-smart allows wearers to monitor fitness data such as heart rate, calories, and activity level.
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AQUACOACH: Speedo's Speedo Fit training watch allows swimmers to keep a record of laps distance, speed and calories.
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MICA BRACELET: Intel is set to unveil a new smart bracelet at the 2015 New York Fashion Week. "MICA," or "My Intelligent Communication Accessory, will deliver SMS messages, meeting alerts, and general notifications directly to the wrist.
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FITNESS TRACKER: Jawbone’s UP MOVE is an activity tracker designed to help wearers get fit and lose weight.
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PULS SMARTWATCH:'s smartwatch can make phone calls without being linked to a smartphone.
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