Turkish Airlines resumes flights to Tripoli in vote of confidence

War-torn capital reopened its airport to international passenger traffic this week
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Turkish Airlines, (THY), has resumed flights to Libya's capital Tripoli this week, now that months of civil war has finally come to an end. (AFP/Getty Images)
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The airline, which also recently resumed flights to the country's second biggest city, Benghazi, restarted operations for the first time since the cessation of the battles in the war-torn country. (AFP/Getty Images)
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It flew as many as 98 passengers to Tripoli on Sunday, and scheduled flights to land at Tripoli Airport every day of the week except Fridays as of November 7. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Earlier this year, the UN Security Council closed Tripoli Airport to air traffic under a March 18 resolution. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Having ended all interventions and operations in Libya as of October 31, the UN has now allowed international flights to start connecting with the country again. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Also this week, Alitalia resumed its flights between Italy and Libya after the 8-month suspension, with flight AZ 868, leaving Rome Fiumicino Airport at 11.05 am on Monday and landing in Tripoli at 2.00 pm local time with 100 passengers on board. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Alitalia was the first EU airline to have restarted its operation of commercial flights to and from the country. (AFP/Getty Images)
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It took two months to repair the airport following the damage caused during the battle for the Libyan capital. The airport manager insists that all airlines will be operating in the coming weeks. (AFP/Getty Images)