Twelve dead as UK taxi driver goes on rampage

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A police officer places flowers at the site where a victim was shot by gunman Derrick Bird on June 2, 2010 in Seascale, England. (Getty Images)
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Twelve people were shot dead and a further 25 people injured after the 52 year old went on a rampage with a shotgun in Cumbria before killing himself. (Getty Images)
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Bird drove from Whitehaven through the villages of west Cumbria armed with a .22 hunting rifle and opened fire randomly. (Getty Images)
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Armed police investigating a major shooting incident stand beside a police vehicle on in the Seascale area. Bird is reported to have shot himself in woods near the hamlet of Boot. (Getty Images)
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A portrait of Gary Purdham, a young farmer reported to have been killed by Bird. (Getty Images)
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Duke Street in Whitehaven is cordoned off to the public with police-tape. (Getty Images)
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Police officers have launched an investigation to try and piece together the events that lead up to Bird’s gun rampage. (Getty Images)