Twin cities: Doha & Tirana

We take a visual tour of the Qatari capital and its Albanian counterpart, which were recently confirmed as twin cities
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Doha, the Qatari capital, is home to some of the most aesthetically striking architecture in the Middle East.
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Albanian capital Tirana has its own visual charm.
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The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha opened in 2008 and boasts a collection of rare artifacts from all over the Arab world.
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The Natural History Museum in Tirana is a focal point for culture in the Albanian capital.
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The new international airport in Doha promises to be one of the most advanced in the Middle East.
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Tirana Airport was built in 1955 and is the southern Europe country's only international airport.
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Doha is home to traditional shopping facilities, such as Arabian souqs.
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Tirana also has its own shopping amenities.
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The Qatari riyal was introduced as the Gulf state's currency in 1966 when it replaced the rupee.
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The Albanian lek was introduced in 1926 by King Ahmet Zogu.