UK's David Cameron urges Bahrain to embrace reform

King Hamad met the British PM for the first time since political protests rocked the Gulf kingdom
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British prime minister David (R) Cameron greets Bahrain's King Hamad Al Khalifa inside Number 10 Downing Street (Getty Images)
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King Hamad Al Khalifa is visiting the UK for the first time following violence between security forces and protesters earlier this year (Getty Images)
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The King is visiting the UK in a bid to smooth over tensions that emerged following the Gulf state’s crackdown on political protests earlier this year, the BBC reported on Monday (Getty Images)
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The tiny island state was the target of international criticism for imposing martial law during a violent crackdown on protests (Getty Images)
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The UK criticised the response and suspended weapons sales to the Gulf kingdom after tear gas and rubber bullets were used on demonstrators (Getty Images)
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Relations between the UK and Bahrain were further strained after the previous British Ambassador was denied access to ministers for criticising the Gulf state’s behaviour, the BBC said (Getty Images)
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A report last month found Bahraini police used excessive force and “systemic” torture against protestor (Getty Images)
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Theresa May, the Home Secretary, leaves Number 10 Downing Street, London (Getty Images)