Up in the air: Five packing tips for the working person

Save time with these quick packing hacks by travel app AirWayBill
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Always up in the air but still have issues packing? We understand. For many, packing remains a hassle no matter how many times you do it. So we turned to shipping travel app AirWayBill to help make our packing easier. Here’s its five top tips:
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The packing list

\nPreparation is undeniably key when it comes to packing. AirWayBill recommends writing a list, which forces travellers to think about what is necessary to take rather than what is nice to have. It also helps travellers get organised, according to the app.
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Packing hacks

\nWhen packing a razor or anything that can potentially ruin clothes, be sure to pack them correctly, according to AirWayBill. It recommends using an oversized binder clip to cover the razor in order to prevent any unforeseen incidents. It also recommends placing jewellery in safe containers and keeping valuables (i.e. cash, passport, cellphone) inside a personal carry on. If there are delicate items, like an expensive silk scarf or tie, travellers can use a zip-lock clear plastic bag (available at supermarkets) and get them sealed and protected.
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Pack two-in-one items

\nPack dual-purpose items such as a pair of jeans that can be worn during the day for something casual or at night for a fancy event. It pays to be practical, according to the app, as it allows travellers to be economical with money as well as space.
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Roll, don’t fold

\nWho wants to be stuck with the burden of having to iron clothes after packing? Avoid that by rolling them, AirWayBill advices. Make use of vacuum compression bags after rolling them to protect them further. This will also save a little extra space.
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Fill empty spaces

\nWhile you filly empty spaces, remember to keep the weight in check too. There is no need to incur excess baggage fees. AirWayBill advices rolling tops, socks, or other small items into shoes or hats to make sure every little bit of space is utilised.
Thu 18 May 2017 11:34 AM GST
By Lubna Hamdan