Vintage Rolex watches showcased in Dubai

Antique watch boutique Momentum Dubai hosts Vintage Rolex Night
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Rare watch shop Momentum Dubai has hosted a “Vintage Rolex Night” at its DIFC boutique showcasing a variety of vintage watches including a collection from US-based dealer 10pastTen. In this gallery, we take a look at its top selections.
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Double Red Sea Dweller: Rolex’ vintage sports watch in three rare designs including one with rosy pink writing on the dial.
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The Red Submariner: This iconic Tiffany & Co version is reportedly “impossible to find,” according to Momentum.
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Paul Newman Daytona: This vintage timepiece was inspired by American actor, film director and professional race car driver Paul Newman. It was available in references 6263, 6239 and 6241.
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Submariner: The signature diving watch is known for its resistance to water and corrosion. Here, some models are shown with silver writing and a rare dial.
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Named “Saru” by collectors: Its name stands for the sapphire and rubies found on its bezel. This one is a late 80s version which is highly sought-after according to Momentum.
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1969 Paul Newman Daytona: This rare 6241 Paul Newman from 1969 could be worth well over $180,000 (AED660,000) depending on its condition.
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Datejust: Made in 18c gold and a rare semi-precious lapis dial. According to Momentum, the stone dial is coveted among collectors.
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Submariner 5512: An early version of a quirky submariner is “as tropical as it gets” according to the dealer.
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Panerai: Rolex reportedly made the movement for this 3646 Vintage Panerai from the mid-40s. It was meant to be a tool watch for the Italian Navy.
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Submariner: Two 3’6’9 dial vintage Submariners with references 5513 and 6200. Which one would you pick?
Wed 02 Nov 2016 12:38 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan