Walking in businessmen’s shoes: seven pairs of shoes for seven days of the week

Because good shoes take you to good places
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Long gone are the days when men’s shoes were boring. Now, men’s footwear feature everything from alligator leather to velour and metal studs. It’s a large pool of choices - but one that’s not easy to choose from if you’re a businessman working in a strict environment. To solve that issue for you, we’ve collaborated with luxury footwear retailer Level Shoe District to select seven pairs of shoes – one for each day of the week - with the help of the store’s style masterminds, Head Buyer Alberto Oliveros and Men’s Buyer, Stephanie Moor.

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\nSunday marks the beginning of the week, when a lot of businessmen prefer to have their most important meetings. This is the day to dress to impress – and you can’t go wrong with these handcrafted braided derby lace ups from Bontoni. According to Oliveros, the high shine patina is sure to take your formal attire to the next level. If you’re looking for a more luxurious feel, he recommends alligator loafers from Magnanni – a personalised yet timeless choice.

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\nThere’s always that one day when you’re out and about for meetings. While it’s important to dress fashionably, it’s almost important to be comfortable, especially on days where lots of running around is involved. For such times, Moor recommends Edward Green’s tassel loafers in velvety cashmere suede. Sound fancy? They are, but they’re also lightweight and comfortable.

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\nThe middle of the weak is usually the calmest time – and by calm we mean a lot of in-office work as opposed to meetings. For this, Oliveros recommends Louis Leeman’s woven silk tassel loafers. He says they add a contemporary edge to a more formal office look while still having a luxurious feel. We think the navy color is a great alternative to black.

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\nWednesday means there’s only one day left until the weekend – and this calls for a smooth pair of shoes to warm you up for some weekend action. According to Moor, this one piece lace up from Sutor Mantellassi in smooth calf leather in hand polished blue patina will do the trick.

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\nFinally – the weekend is here. Because Thursday is considered a casual day for a lot of businessmen in Dubai, it’s good to opt for a casual and clean sneaker. Oliveros recommends Valentino’s open sneakers with a metallic panel. They’re edgy yet simple and classy.

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\nForget Friday morning – it’s meant for ultimate relaxation. Let’s talk about Friday night – when your most stylish shoes should come out to play. Moor says these Burberry tassel loafers are the perfect weekend look for when you’re out with friends or family. They’re ultra-comfortable yet have a pop of colour and eye-catching look.

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\nDubai Saturdays are meant for beach lounging or casual lounging. Such events need sandals, but not just any. According to Oliveros, Ancient Greek’s slip on sandals in soft black leather are the ones to go for. Simple yet sleek is the look you should go for on this day.

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