Want to become more productive at work? Then try these 5 websites

Because the struggle is real
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Life is a constant struggle of productivity – at least that’s how we see it – so imagine that struggle at work. It’s ten times the stress and frustration. Thankfully, we’ve figured out 5 websites that will improve your work productivity. Behold our findings:
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\nMost of us don’t consider speed reading as a productivity hack, but it’s actually a great tool for doing more work. A person’s average reading speed is 200 words per minute. This is because our inner voice stops us from reading at a higher speed. Spreeder.com teaches you how to ignore that inner voice and read through passages at double or triple that rate. It even has an app, the Spreeder app, so you can practice on your phone. How does this help you at work? For one, it lets you go through those hundred emails faster.
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\nAdmit it, you get stressed at work. Hey, we all do – which is why we could all use some Calm. And by Calm, we mean the website and app. Calm allows you to meditate for a limited period of time to help you de-stress from work. But you don’t have to spend more than two minutes of your work time to relax. The app can provide a meditation session as short as 2 minutes.
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\nYou know those useless emails that take up your time and inbox space? Thanks to Unroll.Me website and app, you don’t have to suffer from them anymore. Unroll.Me helps you sort through your email inbox to find out what newsletters you’re subscribed to and which contacts are your sources of spam. It then helps you unsubscribe to and block the ones you don’t want.
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Rescue Time
\nCan you say reality check? Because that’s exactly what Rescue Time website gives you. Once you install it on your computer, it tells you how much time you spend on website and programs. Talk about a productivity tool. You can then know if and where you’re wasting too much time. It’s also available as an app. So you don’t know how time flew on Monday morning? Now you will!
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\nWe all know we should have some sort of self-control. But do we, really? Did you control that urge to have that chocolate bar while on your diet? Or buy those shoes when really, you can’t afford it? The point is, we all struggle with self-control, and the more so when it comes to productivity. In a nutshell, SelfControl website and app helps you control yourself. It blocks certain websites (including social media) for a certain amount of time so that you can’t access them. You don’t know how much time you’ve wasted on your Facebook until you’re used this app, trust us.
Tue 23 Feb 2016 11:20 AM GST
By Lubna Hamdan