Wardrobe must-haves for every businessman

Mr Porter’s basic guide to dressing stylishly at work
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We chat with Toby Bateman, Buying Director at MRPORTER.COM , who shares with us the basic guide to dressing stylishly at work according to Middle Eastern men’s online buying habits.
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A CEO’s shoes should be classic and conspicuously well-made, and regularly polished. Bench-made shoes are more than a seasonal update, with the right maintenance regime they should last about twenty years. These Church’s brogues are handcrafted in England, using the finest leathers. \nChurch’s brogues $495.
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Navy blue and charcoal grey are the default colours for business suits. Less well known is the fact that pale grey is a very stylish colour for suiting, especially in warmer climates. Keep the shade grey, rather than straying into oatmeal, and the results will be business-like as well as chic.\nThom Sweeney suit $2,817.
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Any bag that you carry into meetings should say good things not just about your income bracket, but also your taste levels. Montblanc prides itself on using only the best material and most highly skilled artisans in the creation of its impeccable leather pieces, and this flawless briefcase is an apt demonstration. \nMontblanc briefcase $1,510.
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The easy perfection of only wearing navy blue socks holds great appeal, but the most interesting businessmen have a few pairs of patterned socks available to wear on the days when they have enough time to consider an outfit long enough to introduce a contrasting visual element.\nPaul Smith socks $29.
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Work trips which are longer than a couple of days call for a back-up suit to be taken, and the only way to transport one, and for it to arrive in a ready-to-wear state, is in a suit carrier. Understated and stylish, this is one garment bag you won’t be ashamed to carry-on, and the detachable internal jacket cover will ensure you're ready to go from the moment you land. Mulberry suit carrier $845.
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A boldly patterned shirt speaks of energy, ambition and success. Greed might not be good, but Mr Michael Douglas’ office attire in the original Wall Street film certainly was. Hackett contrast collar striped shirt $160.
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Matching the colour of one’s shirt to one’s tie is unimaginative. When choosing a tie, opt for contrasting but near-solid colours, and textured rather than smooth finishes. Drake’s spotted knit silk tie $195.
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iPad holders are no less essential for the fact that they only came into existence this decade. Comme des Garçons’ version comes in sober chocolate brown, as well as eye-catching lime green. Comme des Garcons iPad case $495.
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This summer the appetite for more expressive ways to dress has even reached the blue suit. Go for checks, but give some thought to how their scale is going to work with your body shape – big or tall men look better in bigger patterns. Canali blue checked suit $2,492.
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If you are a business traveller and need to wear a coat to work, it must be long enough to cover the end of the suit jacket and be appropriately smart. Effective and elegant, a single-breasted mac does the job in spring that a trench coat performs in winter: keeping a man dry in the rain. This classic Burberry raincoat will look great worn over a suit. Burberry London trench $1,870.
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