What car should you drive for your age?

There is such a thing as an age-appropriate car
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Yes, there is such a thing as an age-appropriate car. We’ve all seen those white-haired men driving yellow Lamborghinis. If you’re one of them, we can take that off your hands for a day or two. Ultimately though, every age group has an appropriate car. Just like you don’t wear a mini denim skirt if you’re 60-years-old, you don’t drive specific cars at that age either. So, here’s our guide on how to drive your age:
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The “I just got my license” driver: We get it: you just got your license and you’re excited - so excited that you take a loan to buy that brand new BMW. We hate to burst your bubble but this is a bad idea for one reason: Unless you’re Lewis Hamilton, you will probably scratch, hit, or crash your first car within a week. Why not practice driving an affordable car like a Honda Civic and Nissan Altima? They have low operating costs, and great resale value.
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2. The “early twenties” driver: Your twenties are the best time of your life. So why on earth would you spend all your money on a car? The prices of fuel, repair, and insurance in luxury cars are so high they could be spent on shopping instead – we’re kidding, we meant to say “saving”. Joking aside, cars like Ford Mustang V6 cost less than $23,000, have 307-horsepower, and will leave you enough pocket money to party like it’s your birthday.
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3. The “late twenties” driver: This is a category on its own because it has “crisis” written all over it. Sunday you want a motorcycle, Monday you want a Maserati, and Tuesday you want that full black full option 4x4 Silverado. Our advice? Do it. This is the only time when you can make bad car choices and get away with it – not that a Silverado is a bad choice, we’ll choose that any time any day.
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4. The “thirties/forties” driver: because let’s face it, thirties and forties are kind of the same thing. It’s the time when most people get married and have a family, otherwise known as “the depressing SUV phase.” What are classed as less-boring-than-usual SUVs? Range Rover 4x4 or BMW X6.
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5. The “mid-life crisis” driver: I’m talking about you, 50-year-old in the bright red Ferrari. You would look much better in a Mercedes, Bentley, or a Rolls-Royce. More affordable classics are the BMW 6 series for $133,340 and the Cadillac ATS with a base price of $34,000. These are “man” cars - not boys' toys. But hey, if you fancy that sports car, you go for it!
Thu 10 Sep 2015 04:45 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan