What do UAE employers look for in new hires?

Top 20 most sought after attributes.
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64 percent of UAE employers are looking to hire up to 10 employees in the coming 3 months, according to Bayt.com and YouGov survey. More specifically, in the next 3 months UAE companies will seek sales managers (19 percent), customer service representatives (15 percent), human resources professionals (14percent), project managers (14%), and executive assistants (14 percent). Here is a list of the top 20 most sought-after qualifications amongst candidates in the MENA region.
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20. 24 percent of employers in the UAE are looking for candidates who can prove they have good analytical skills.
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19. 25 percent of employers in the UAE are looking for candidates with relevant industry experience on their resume.
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18. 28 percent of employers in the UAE are looking for candidates with a vast network and good social contacts.
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17. Being passionate and demonstrating a desire to make a difference is sought after by 29 percent of UAE employers.
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16. A compatible technical skill-set is demanded by 32 percent of the employers.
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15. 34 percent look at your personal grooming and overall appearance.
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14. 35 percent of employers in the UAE are looking for candidates who are already in the country.
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13. Being creative is also demanded by 35 percent of the employers.
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12. Overall positive personality and demeanor is important to 35 percent of the employers looking for candidates.
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11. 36 percent are focusing on the efficiency and productivity level of their candidates.
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10. Possessing a reliable track record and being knowledgeable about the industry is sought after by 37 percent of the employers in the UAE.
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9. 38 percent of employers in the UAE are looking for candidates who have good people management skills.
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8. The ability to take on challenges comes pretty high on the list with 41 percent of the employers stating that it is an important attribute.
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7. 41 percent of the employers in the UAE are also looking for candidates who are honest and trustworthy.
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6. 42 percent of private sector employers emphasized the importance of working under pressure.
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5. Possessing good negotiation skills is demanded by 45 percent of the employers in the UAE.
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4. 46 percent are looking for good leadership skills.
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3. Half of the employers listed that being a team player and being cooperative, flexible and helpful is at the top of their list.
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2. 60 percent of the employers are looking for an employee with good communication skills, preferably in both Arabic and English.
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1. For senior level roles, employers are looking for a candidate with strong team management abilities and past work experience in sales and marketing.
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