Windows 7: First look

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Microsoft’s latest is expected to hit the shelves by the end of this year. We take a look at what the new operating system really has to offer customers eager to move on from resource-hungry Vista.
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It’s true! Windows 7 does start up much faster when compared to its predecessors Vista and XP.
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There’s a range of new features in Windows 7. For example, using the ‘jump list’ feature you can right click on an application tab in the task bar (when the particular program is running) and view common tasks relevant to it.
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There’s a useful preview pane when exploring different folders on your machine, aesthetically arranged in a column view.
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The new OS boasts an enhanced task bar - if you have multiple programs running, you can hover over an icon in the task bar and a preview screen will appear just above it.
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The same default gadgets from Vista are available in Windows 7 and these can be easily dragged and dropped anywhere on the desktop, as well as configured or closed when the mouse hovers over them.
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The HomeGroup feature on Windows 7 aims to simplify sharing over one network by utilising a password-based system to grant access privileges. Once a group password is set, you can share any folder on the network, as long as everyone in your ‘group’ is running Windows 7.
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The Media Centre boasts a new slick interface, doing away with placing a video picture into a small window in the corner. The guide has been updated to keep videos playing in the background, as the guide information is displayed overlaid.
Wed 13 May 2009 04:00 PM GST