World's highest restaurant opens in Burj Khalifa

At 442m high, At.mosphere is located on the 122 of the world's tallest building in Dubai
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The restaurant is situated only two levels below 'At the Top, Burj Khalifa,' the tower's observatory deck (ITP Images)
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The world's highest restaurant has opened in the world's tallest building in Dubai. At.mosphere is situated 442 metres (1,350 ft) high on Level 122 of Burj Khalifa (ITP Images)
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Integrating two choices - lounge & grill - At.mosphere can host over 210 guests and features a spacious arrival lobby, a main dining floor, private dining rooms and display cooking stations (ITP Images)
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The entrance to the restaurant is through Burj Khalifa's Corporate Suites lobby with guests exiting the express elevator on Level 123 to face a two-storeyed glass atrium. A flight of cantilevered staircases lead them to the arrival lobby where they can enjoy panoramic views of the city (ITP Images)
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The menu at the grill at At.mosphere comprises prime cuts of beef, organic poultry and seafood. The food choice is complemented by a beverage selection (ITP Images)
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Those wanting to book the luxury restaurant’s private dining area will be expected to fork out at least AED650 ($176.9) per guest, while afternoon tea comes in at nearly $100 (AED350) (ITP Images)
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For drinks and snacks in the lounge area, guests must spend AED200 ($54.45) per head (ITP Images)
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The steep prices don’t appear to be deterring the punters. The restaurant is booked out for its first two days of opening, and Marc Dardenne, CEO of Emaar Hospitality Group and Emaar Hotels & Resorts is confident its popularity will continue (ITP Images)
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Dardenne says the glass-walled restaurant has raised the bar for Dubai’s hospitality industry(ITP Images)
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The restaurant spans 1,030 sq m, and is 92m taller than the world’s second highest eatery– the revolving 360 Restaurant in Toronto’s CN Tower (ITP Images)
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