World's most powerful celebrities

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The US chatshow host Oprah Winfrey has topped the Forbes' Power List this year. She is reported to be worth more than $315 million. Forbes said the list was based on the number of web references, press clippings and magazine covers of the star, as well as income earned in the past 12 months. (Getty Images)
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Beyoncé followed on the list after earning $87m from her music career and fashion line. (Getty Images)
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James Cameron, director of the 3D smash hit movie Avatar came in 3rd with $210m earnings in 2009. (Getty Images)
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US popstar Lady Gaga came in 4th place on the list with $62m in earnings. (Getty Images)
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Golfer Tiger Woods came 5th on the list after losing a number of sponsorship deals after revelations about his private life. He still remains the highest paid athlete in the world with earnings of $105m, Forbes said. (Getty Images)
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Singer Britney Spears was ranked 6th on the list with earnings of $64m. (Getty Images)
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Rock group U2 were in 7th place following a successful world tour in 2009. Their earnings were reported to be $130m. (Getty Images)
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It has been a busy 12 months for actress Sandra Bullock, with two hit films and an Oscar. She also suffered a messy break-up with her cheating husband Jesse James. She was ranked in 8th place with earnings of $56m. (Getty Images)
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US actor Johnny Depp came in 9th place with earnings of $75m. (Getty Images)
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And in the 10th spot is Madonna with earnings of $58m. (Getty Images)