How to stay fit and healthy if you’re living in the fast lane

Quick tips by health coach Julie Johnson
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Perks of living in the fast lane can range from five star dining to lavish soirees and international travel agendas. But “flying high” also comes with side effects – we ourselves have experienced expanding waistlines and increasing kilos. And while maintaining a steady weight whilst against the corporate clock may seem like a challenge, simple changes to your daily lifestyle can do the trick, at least according to health coach Julie Johnson of weight management solution centre De Novu in Dubai. Here are her tips:
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Make smart menu choices: Learn to read menus in a way where you directly scrap off pastry, creamy appetisers, pasta, pizza and desert. Focus on protein-based meals such as grilled chicken or fish with vegetables. Avoid the bread basket and ask for still water with lemon instead to reduce your appetite before the meal arrives, Johnson advises.
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Choose a hotel with a fitness centre: This way, you can work out even with a crazy travel schedule. If no gym is available, use the space available in your room to do push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges and dips to burn morning calories and set you in good stead for the day.
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Be a tourist: This is practically a workout – and even better than a hotel one. Go on foot and explore tourist sites. Breathe in the fresh air and don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day, advises Johnson.
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Avoid airport food: More often than not, most food options at airports lack any nutrition and are filled with calories. To avoid this, pack snacks such as nuts, apples, canned tuna and even dry oatmeal to which you can add water or milk to at any time. Call it your rescue kit!
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Eat pre-dinner: This might not make sense at first, but think of it this way: if food choices at dinners or social receptions are fattening, eat something healthy beforehand and opt for a salad or snack at events instead. This way, you’ll also have more time to network.
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Behave at the buffet: Who doesn’t love a good buffet? Your waistline. Do the same thing for buffets that you do for menus. Eliminate the unhealthy options and opt for protein-filled choices with vegetables. Eat slowly to restrict yourself from overeating, Johnson advises.
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By Lubna Hamdan