IN PICS: News of the world July 23

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A large tokamak device 'JT-60' is located at Japan Atomic Energy Agency's (JAEA) Fusion Research Institute in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The fusion plasma research facility, JT-60, that achieved the world's highest iron temperature of 520 million degrees centigrade in 1996 is now in operation. It will be used as a facility of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) that willl start operation around 2017 in France. (Getty Images)
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The ceiling of a theatre at Hachinohe Kokaido has fallen down onto the stage in Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan. More than 100 people are injured by the magnitude 6.8 earthquake. (Getty Images)
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Public works crewmen clear debris from a residential street in Port Isabel, Texas. High winds from Hurricane Dolly battered the south Texas coast, causing damage across the area. (Getty Images)
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Customers eat at a McDonald's restaurant in Schiller Park, Illinois. McDonald's Corp, the world's largest restaurant chain, posted a second-quarter net profit of 1.19 billion dollars. (Getty Images)
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A pedestrian walks by an AT&T Wireless store in San Francisco, California. AT&T reported a 30 percent increase in second quarter earnings citing saoring sales of the Apple iPhone. The company earned $3.77 billion, or 63 cents per share compared to $2.90 billion, or 47 cents per share, one year ago. (Getty Images)
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Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers takes a bite of an Oscar Mayer hot dog during the American Meat Institute's Annual Hot Dog Day Lunch in the courtyard of the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC. The event drew hundreds of people from Captiol Hill including members of Congress, their staffs, journalists and lobbyists. (Getty Images)
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New York artist Sanford Wurmfeld, stands inside his E-Cyclorama painting, at Edinburgh College of art in Scotland. The large scale round painting, is being presented as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2008. (Getty Images)
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Olympic security volunteers pledge to fulfil their duty during a ceremony in Beijing, China. Beijing has recruited over 70,000 volunteers to provide services at venues, the Olympic Village and media centers of the Olympic Games. (Getty Images)
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A supporter of the US Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama holds a balloon with a signed name of Obama in front of the Siegessaeule in Berlin, Germany. The Democratic presidential candidate will give a major speech on the historic US-German partnership, and the need to strengthen Transatlantic relations to meet 21st century challenges in front of the Siegessaeule at the Grosser Stern in Tiergarten Park on July 24. (Getty Images)
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KBR (UK) employees work at a manufacturing plant at the Camp Bastion Water Bottling Plant at the British Army base in Camp Bastion in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The Bastion Water Bottling Plant supplies and delivers bottled drinking water and bulk drinking water for all of the coalition forces and contractors that live and work in Camp Bastion. The water's also supplied to the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) by road or air drop via the military chain.The bottling plant has its own Water Testing Laboratory where it is tested according to European Directive. Mainly workers are from Sri Lanka and Nepal and are employed in the plant that has been open now for about 22 weeks and has produced 2,634,284 litres of bottled drinking water, of which 2,512,180 litres have already been delivered to the troops on the ground. (Getty Images)
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