Instagram's female entrepreneurs in Dubai

In line with International Women's Day, we've put together a list of inspiring businesswomen who used the social platform to further their careers
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Given today's technology, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can turn an idea into a business. With Instagram, we are seeing women from all over the world, including Dubai, take advantage of the platform to build their businesses on their own time and terms. Here are seven of their stories:
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Kelly Lundberg: The celebrity stylist and influencer launched her own styling agency in 2005. Lundberg’s business developed into an international style forum for both men and women.
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Nadine Du Toit: Fitness fanatic turned businesswoman, Du Troit launched GloryGirl Fitness, a personal training and fitness program. It was her Instagram account and requests from followers that pushed her to launch it.
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Rania & Zaina Kanaan: Rania & Zaina used their passion for cycling to create a successful business, Charicycles, where they upscale vintage bikes and donate bikes to children in refugee camps. They sell their bikes through their Instagram account to12.3k followers.
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Michelle Karam: Events and travel director Michelle founded a personal travel and lifestyle blog on Instagram where she shares her adventures of discovering hidden gems around the world. Through her blog, Travel Junkie Diary, she started a campaign inviting global online influencers to experience these destinations.
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Alanoud Badr: The founder and designer of Lady Fozaza is a fashion designer, consultant and stylist. Badr used her Instagram to build her personal brand as well as further her fashion marquee.
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Huda Kattan: Beauty blogger turned businesswoman, Kattan is the most followed person on Instagram in the Middle East, with over 18 million followers. She is constantly using the social media platform to further her brand.
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Sarah Beydoun: The entrepreneur started her business of selling unique, handmade bags in Beirut before moving to Dubai. She now sells them in 22 countries, for which Instagram played a huge part in spreading the word about them.
Wed 08 Mar 2017 04:49 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan