Men's style from the streets of Dubai

We might have found the city’s best dressed men
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In the past few years, Dubai has become one of the world’s most recognised cities – particularly for its shopping and growing fashion industry. Naturally, we took to the streets of Dubai to find some inspiring street style, this time with a focus on men’s fashion. And who better dressed than the city’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers? So without further ado, behold the dapper gentlemen.

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Mahmoud Sidani, otherwise known as Mr. Moudz, sports a beige ensemble and classic fedora perfect for summer in Dubai.

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Isaac Jon Ode, also known as Mr. Levier, sports a combination of turned up chinos and sneakers – and we love it.

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Paul Ramos ditches the dark colour and opts for a pastel suit for hot summer days. We love the silky scarf too.

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When it’s hot outdoors but cold indoors, opt for Jim Joquico’s style where he sports a light cardigan with an eye catching patterned shirt.

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White is always a good idea in summer. Unlike black, it repels heat and feels much lighter. Mohammad Mondal proves it looks good, too.

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We absolutely love Elias El-indari’s linen shirt and suit pants pairing. The influencer knows how to dress formally for the season.

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A V-neck, formal jeans, and sneakers - Jim Joquico’s outfit is your go-to for casual days summer days.

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It’s all about details when it comes to suits, and Andy Scott knows his details. We’re especially obsessing over the glossy shoes.

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Red works best in men’s suits as a pop of colour. Paul Ramos’ bow tie and shoes are particularly impressive.

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Jim Joquico perfects a day look with a casual polo shirt and tie-up shoes.

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