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Suits are mostly associated with businessmen, but it is just as important for businesswomen to acquire the trend. Considering the lack of suit-specialists in the women’s fashion market, many consider that there are little options to choose from. This is where we prove you wrong. Here are 10 different types of suits that every businesswoman could and should have.
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The traditional suit: A basic suit is a must have for formal meetings and strict office environments. While black would be the preferred colour, you could add a twist with a dark shade like plum. This one is from
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The oversized suit: In addition to its oversized blazer being very comfortable, the oversized suit is also modern in style and has a casual feel to it. This one is from
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The linen suit: If you live in Dubai, you would know that it can be challenging to pull off a suit in the middle of summer. This is why a light Linen suit is great to own. This one is from H&M.
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The fancy suit: We all need a fancy suit for a special work event or meeting with fashion representatives. This floral one is from and it is our favourite from the list. Businesswoman Ariana Huffington has been seen sporting a similar style.
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The skirt suit: A more attractive and playful option is a skirt suit in a pastel colour that gives it a more classic look. We love this number.
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The short suit: You should own a suit with short bottoms for nightlife events related to work. It is professional but fit for the night. We love the red colour too and recommend having a regular suit in the shade. This one is from
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The casual suit: Who said suits only go well with heels? Grab a pair of clean-cut sneakers and pair them with a casual suits. Pair basic colours like grey and white for a formal look like this one from
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The belted suit: This has got to be our second favourite suit because the belt adds a feminine touch and a slimming effect as well. Waists are usually hidden in suits, but this one will give you the appearance of a rather small one – which is always a delight for women of course. This one is also from
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The white suit: White is such a fresh colour, especially for spring and summer. It also reflects heat so is a great option for those summer months of scorching hot temperatures in Dubai. This one is from
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The cape suit: The newest trend for suits is cape blazers. This is not an easy look to wear, but dress it up with simple turtle necks and pumps like this model and you are good to go.
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By Lubna Hamdan