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Thu 25 Mar 2010 07:47 AM

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Plan to fine speeding drivers based on salary

Officials also suggest linking licence point system to cost of insurance premiums.

Plan to fine speeding drivers based on salary
SPEEDING PLAN: Officials have suggested fining motorists caught breaking the speed limit according to how much they earn. (Getty Images)

Speeding drivers could be fined according to how much they earn under tough new proposals aiming to make Dubai’s roads safer.

“If someone is earning AED50,000 (US$13,000) or AED60,000 a month, a few thousand dirhams worth of fines is nothing,” Dr Ali al Marzouqi, the head of public health and safety at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), told a conference on Wednesday, cited by the National.

“Of course, to some people it is, so it would not be fair to increase the amounts for everyone.”

The plan also includes issuing the fines on the spot so motorists make a direct connection between their bad driving and the financial penalty.

Officials also suggested a link between insurance premiums and licences.

“We can link car insurance to the numbers of fines people get. Someone who has been driving safely for the whole year should have a better insurance rate than someone that has had several accidents or speeding tickets,” Marzouqi was quoted as saying.

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P.A.S.S. 10 years ago

So then, my wife, who does not earn a salary (stay at home) can speed all she likes, with kids unbuckled, in the bus lane and it will only cost AED1,000! Excellent. Its a bargain. Not sure why everyone complains how expensive Dubai is. They certainly make every effort to keep traffic fines reasonable and affordable for all. Dubai, the city that cares.

Driver 10 years ago

Im just amazed from where the authorities get these type of ideas, better if they say , that half of the salaries to be submitted to traffic department. So do we hav to keep salary letters with us all the time ? :))

AK 10 years ago

I think this makes absolute sense and is the best way to control speeding for those who feel they are above the law or some thousand dirhams mean nothing. If some unemployed member of the family is driving the car, it shouldnt matter as surely the car is linked to a legal resident's name who if an expat will be employed. So the % of income works perfectly. Leaves the person who owns the car to be responsible for whom they allow to drive the car. Good move!

DXBEXPAT 10 years ago

How do they intend to validate the income of a person that owns & runs a business in Dubai? What if someone is running a business that is in net losses due to the downturn? By the suggested equation would they be let off for anything they do on the roads? Is this another typical example of Dubai in the attempt of trying to do something unique, ending up doing something totally wierd?

MM 10 years ago

It's a good thought to begin. There are several hurdles, but am sure it is a beginning and this can make it work. Surely, AED 600 as a speeding fine is a lot for me earning under 20K a month but for someone earning 50K it just might be a candy cost. The end result is to make roads safer, so it all makes sense to fine based on annual income. Good thinking, good beginning. I think we can contribute here on how to make it happen and suggests methods of implementation.

HD 10 years ago

This is a tried & tested method of handing out fines - Switzerland practices the same concept with great success. Those with a lower income will still be fined, probably at around the current levels so it will still act as a deterrent, but for those with a little more in the bank account treating the public roads like a private racing track will now cost as much as renting a private track!

Telco guy 10 years ago

I have lived in switzerland for several years. My favorite place probably. And i certainly do not think it compares to Dubai or any other place in the region. Many things work there that work nowhere else. And Swiss will be quick to immobilize your car or even throw you in prison for serious infractions. Let see, but to me this looks more of revenue optimization than anything else.

pikitika 10 years ago

My jaw has hit the ground on this one!!! How can you do this? So according to this model (higher income =higher fines), we should be able to apply this to other 'crimes' also. For example if someone earning 50,000AED per month, kills another person, he goes to jail for 10 years, but if a maid earning 1,500AED per month kills, she goes to jail for 10 days. How would this work. In another example, perhaps we should have different food prices for different income brackets. Doesn't this make even more sense? Where do you draw the line? The truth is that a violation is a violation, people with higher incomes don't enjoy the thrill of speeding any more than lower incomes. As a result, it bewilders me that people are even thinking of these obsurdities. My feeling is that this is another way the RTA/municipality etc. will try to make more money from more people. By international standards, the speeding and red light fines in the UAE are stiff to begin with. Weather high or low income, it hurts. A better way would be to introduce a "point-system" linked to insurance premiums to penalize those with high liabilities thru the insurance. This would be fair and not dependent on high or low incomes earners.

Louie Tedesco 10 years ago

I have an acquaintance at the upper end of the earnings scale who invested in the property market - he bought a place in Dubai for his family to live in and has always paid the required instalments on time. The developer did not finish the property on time, which required him to extend his existing rental lease several times with the Landlord on a short term rental basis. The Landlord made him pay a premium for these extensions. For over a year now, my friend is "in the hole", that is, his monthly expenditure to make the instalment payments on his mortgage and cover his rental contract far exceeds his monthly income. He is going to be bankrupt soon, through no fault of his own. Since he now has a NEGATIVE income every month, does this mean he will receive the money for the amount of his fine? He would be grateful for the opportunity to earn a second income to get the bank and other creditors to stop hounding him. Positive income = pay fine, negative income = get paid? It sounds delightfully "Dubai-logical".

Moe 10 years ago

Wow, every day there's more and more news about people who's going to Jail or getting arrested or fined, then news about increasing charges of this or charges on that.. still they try to hide how the whole city is going down, trying to make everything look nice and dandy... more stupid that even that people are leaving officials are not offering anything for people to stay .. in the contrary they are making it more difficult and stressful.. i wonder when they will wake up and smell the coffee... I use to love that city and had a lot of respect for it's govt... I use to...