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Thu 9 Jul 2009 07:52 AM

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Plans for refresher lessons for all Dubai drivers - report

Mandatory post-licence lessons to improve road safety are being mooted.

Plans for refresher lessons for all Dubai drivers - report
DUBAI ROADS: Refresher lessons will improve safety on the emirates roads, officials say. (Getty Images)

Plans to make all motorists in Dubai take refresher driving courses after passing their test are being mooted by transport officials, it has been reported.

According to a report in the Khaleej Times proposals for a mandatory post-licence training programme have been sent to the Roads and Transport Authority for approval.

Ali Mohammed Abdullah Al Jassim, director of the drivers licensing department, told the paper the refresher lessons would help improve road safety in the emirate.

“All new drivers and commercial drivers will undergo post-licence awareness as a mandatory requirement. The programme may or may not be linked to black points depending on the outcome of the studies,” he said.

Lesson would be run through a new and Transport Authority Awareness Center that would be set up by the agency, he said.

Al Jassim said: “The focus of the awareness center would be on improving the skills of licensed drivers. The aim is brief periodic training that builds on the skills and experience new drivers and commercial drivers encounter.”

He said the initial driving test system would not change with the introduction of the refresher courses.

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Ivana Humpalot 11 years ago

Gees... will these guys ever stop?!! Its brilliant how creative the RTA can get when it comes to squeezing out some more money from people. Are these new classes going to be free? I say NOT. And in any case it's no secret - the worst drivers here are the locals. I mean you have 12 year olds driving big GMCs. How many of us have NOT seen a local father driving either with his kids in his lap or with one leg up on the dashboard!! The RTA needs to start acting like a government body and not like a bloody money-chasing multi national company. "By the people, for the people" remember? NOT "Buy the people, screw the people."

Rajesh 11 years ago

what rubbish is this . This idea wil not work. If people know how to drive like maniacs , they also know how to drive properly during the test .

ssatay 11 years ago

It constantly amazes me how we can have laws assumed as being in place after a press release. Solid rules that have been mentioned in the press as coming into place, such as the rules that apply to Maintenance Committes for residential areas, which are very important as they affect the way we live, have still not been promulgated. Whether this is because it will affect the earnings of the developers, is a bit uncertain. So no need to worry as certain rules are very contentious and take time to get through the system.

Wacker the Cracker 11 years ago

So the money collected from this so called new driving school and testing authority will finance more roads that will generate more death and more fines that will help finance bigger and better roads...and the circle goes on. RTA should focus more on people and less on money!

Naveen 11 years ago

A saying in India which goes like this ' You are thief if you stole a Beetle Nut or a Elephant'. So the RTA should not make any differentiation between small and big violations. All vehicles should be impounder for a week and the driving licenses should be put on hold for a week so that those people will not get a rent a car as well. This will go long way in changing the way people drive in Dubai

Asad Hafiz 11 years ago

What is this? Does the government keep on making rules, changing rules as & when it feels like and goes on rambling along as it feels like. Is there some planning and thought put into it? This is a farce a money making racket.....

Sandy 11 years ago

Guys, its a very good initiative. This way "poor driving schools" (who are no longer able to enjoy the rush of hapless students failing driving tests multiple times and facing snooty attitude of staff) will make some extra money for their owners. Why to think of the poor people already spending 8,000-10,000 AED to get license and then going under the recession. Congrats to the guy who thought of this innovative idea. With Dubai Metro starting, you will soon see Salik Gate on every house's parking so that the moment you take car out of garage, first salik is there itself :-)

Jimbo 11 years ago

What a load of nonsense! Why does RTA not concentrate on teaching people to drive correctly from the start. Unfortunately the quality of driving instructors in this country is simply a case of the blind leading the blind. How about investing in employing instructors from the leading European driving schools to teach people to drive properly and not as though they are still back in the sub-continent? One does not hear of such antics as re-evaluation going on in Europe! You get what you pay for.

MA 11 years ago

Before we start attacking the subcontinent (yet again!), lets not forget that most driving lessons in "civilized" countries such as the USA and Canada (possibly European countries too) are conducted by parents sitting alongside their children in normal cars, NOT trained instructors. Sticking to the point, revaluation should exist but only for those above a certain "black point" threshold. It wont help though; most people speeding here aren't doing so because they're unsure on the roads. If they REALLY want to put an end to life threatening speeding, rash driving, and bullying on roads, increase the punishment for killing someone in an accident. In the west, its called vehicular manslaughter, and results in years of imprisonment (can be much more if you were drinking or purposely endangering others; upto 25 years). People will be significantly more civil if they have something real to lose.

The Don 11 years ago

Sometime I tend to agree with some of rules and regulations RTA come-up. Driving in Dubai streets is something a nerve destroying experience and some drivers needs really re-certification tests to drive again on the street. The other day I was watching a meeting with Mohammed Bin Sulyem, the famous rally driver, middle east champion for many years, the owner of one of rarest super cars collection in the region at least, and finally VP of FIA on Dubai TV. I was surprised to hear him saying that he stopped driving on Dubai streets during the days (he has a driver taking him around) and if he drives that would be late night times to enjoy the streets and the drive.... he shared this piece of personal information when he was talking about roads and driving safety. But I fully agree with MA comments regarding the black points threshold.