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Mon 24 Feb 2014 10:02 AM

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Police to probe lion spotted in 4X4 in Dubai

Youtube video shows lioness travelling in the boot of a Nissan Armada

Police to probe lion spotted in 4X4 in Dubai

Police are reportedly investigating a video that shows a lion in the boot of a four-wheel drive vehicle travelling along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

The nine-second clip, which has been viewed more than 42,000 times on YouTube, appears to show a lioness in the Dubai-registered Nissan Armada.

A Dubai Police spokesman has said it was looking into whether the video was old or new.

The video appears to have been uploaded on Friday, with the footage showing the lioness pacing in the back of the vehicle.

General Expert Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, operations assistant for the head of Dubai Police, was quoted by 7DAYS newspaper it was not illegal to transfer a wild animal inside a private vehicle, but people should use common sense.

“It’s not logical for a person to transfer a lion or crocodile inside a car. If someone did such a thing and he is arrested, he will be fined for endangering the lives of others,” Al Zafeen said.

“People must be more careful and mature in transferring animals and should use a special company to carry their animals.”

It is not the first time a wild animal has been spotted in a car in Dubai, with a young lion spotted hanging out of a 4X4 at JBR in 2012 and a tiger also reportedly seen in a car on Sheikh Zayed Road that same year.

leo50 5 years ago

shame it wasn't driving. Couldn't do a worse job than many motorists in Dubai.

jinx UAE 5 years ago

Big Cats, in cars, JBR weekends, every: just some small helpful hints for the rozzers

Jinx UAE 5 years ago

regularly spotted on JBR on the weekends, large cats in cars... they don't have to look too far if we're honest...

Mohamed 5 years ago

Leo, you are complaining, come and see the driving art in Jeddah! an open rally track :)

MMF 5 years ago

hahaah try driving in Egypt.

peter 5 years ago

People should be more careful and use common sense when transporting wild animals? People should jot do it at allor have these animals in the first place!

By the way is it mot against the law to keep wild animals in Dubai?

Next thing will be that the guy who filmed the car will be arrested insted as one is not allowed to film in public....

Doug 5 years ago

I think the officer has completely missed the point.

It may not be illegal to transport a wild animal in a vehicle.

But is it legal in the UAE to own a lion - or in general, an exotic animal that poses a serious public danger?

Dubai has surprisingly good laws relating the trafficking and ownership of exotic species - I would be very surprised that this was legal and the police should act.

Louie Tedesco 5 years ago

The title is misleading, Police to probe lion. I am certain the lion will not take kindly to being probed by anyone, including the owner of the lion. One might lose a limb by doing that!

Ghanem 5 years ago

Don't blow things out of proportion and mind your own hazardous driving, the driver has not broken any law and yes the imbecile who filmed this should be held accountable for desperately trying to defame Dubai by uploading this cheap trash. Anyone who tries to defame Dubai is not worthy of its hospitality and must be locked up, fined and deported.

sebastian 5 years ago

are you a complete idiot?!?!?!?!?!?!? do you really think that lion's place is in someone car boot????