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Tue 19 May 2009 01:13 PM

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Poll shows 50% of UAE firms looking to hire Q309

Just 44% of firms in other parts of the world say they will be hiring next quarter.

Workers stand more chance of finding jobs in the UAE than most other nations around the globe, a new global survey has claimed.

The global employment survey, carried out by recruitment firm Antal, found that 50 percent of UAE companies polled expected to recruit new managers and professionals in the coming quarter. 

In contrast, 44 percent of businesses from other parts of the world said they were looking to bring in new faces during the next quarter.

However, 21 percent of UAE businesses also revealed they were making cutbacks, with 14 percent expected to reduce workforce numbers in the next three months.

“Although the Gulf may no longer be in the 'boom' market of recent years, hiring levels for professionals and manager are still relatively healthy and have only experienced a fairly minor drop from 56 percent at the beginning of 2009 to 47 percent now,” said Nizar Lalani, chief of Antal's UAE operations.

“Innovative measures such as the fact that expatriates no longer immediately lose their visas along with their job have certainly helped here," he added.

The data found no difference betwen the UAE and other parts of the world in terms of their current hiring stance, with 47 percent of all saying they were currently bolstering their workforces.

A total of 4,217 companies from 32 countries in western and eastern Europe, Africa, India, China and the US were questioned for this survey.

“Whilst the percentage of organisations hiring in the 32 countries surveyed has gone down, it has not plummeted in the way that the economic statistics, many pundits and the ever-cheerful IMF might have led us to believe,” said Antal’s global CEO Tony Goodwin.

“The period of panic and un-illuminated gloom does finally seem to be behind us. Recovery may still be a good way off, but it could be that we are now better prepared to pave the way to it than we have been for quite some time,” he added.

the Ulti 10 years ago

i wish the poll is right, but this is a wish list rather than a poll

Geriant 10 years ago

This poll is nonsense, as it is easy for companies to claim they are hiring. Just look at the websites and job ads in the local papers. There is no hiring going on here, not for a long time.

Motaz 10 years ago

Come on people, what the poll is saying that UAE companies are expecting and not saying they will hire. The reality is there are needs but these needs are not moving forward to a hiring due to budget constraints and cost cutting. This is very notable in many opportunities advertised through online job portals where the local offices of foreign companies are interviewing people and then park the process at the offer stage waiting for approvals from HQ.

Madhulal Bhatia 10 years ago

It is is very nice to read that poll shows that there would be 50% of U.A.E. firms looking to hire in third quarter of 2009. It is positive sign and will bring the prosperity to the country. There would be good revival of business, if the activities are increased. It is also right that there are very few good positions are being advertised nowadays. So there will be some good news for job seekers and it will prove boosting for the economy too. Thanks and Good luck.