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Sun 11 May 2008 01:07 AM

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Pot of gold for Dubai cabbie

Taxi driver hands in nine kilograms of gold and $40,000 left in cab by Chinese businessman.

A Pakistani taxi driver was praised for his honesty on Saturday after handing in more than 9 kilograms of gold and $40,000 mislaid in his cab.

Ramin Khan Mushad Ali, a driver with Al Arabiya, handed the cash along with 5 kg of crude and 4.5 kg of finished gold to the firm’s ‘lost and found’ section, state news agency Wam reported.

The items were delivered to the police and eventually returned to their owner, a Chinese businessman.

“We are honouring Ramin for his honesty,” said Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Chairman Mattar Al Tayer.

“By so doing, we are encouraging all our drivers to maintain this noble value.”

It is the second time in as many weeks that careless owners have mislaid large amounts of cash and had them returned by principled finders.

Two mall workers were lauded by their employers at the end of last month after handing in a bag containing 2.1 million dirhams ($572,000) they found in Ajman City Centre. RELATED: Mall workers hand in missing millions

suspiciousbynature 11 years ago

It is nice to see these acts of honesty, but does noone stop and wonder why people are trotting round the emirate with vast amounts of money in cash, sacks of gold and crude? It can hardly be legitimate business.

Adam 11 years ago

I'd love to know if this Cabbie got anything in reward for his honesty.. Maybe an extra butter naan for his lunch from national taxis

Paul 11 years ago

All that honesty still won't make a cab driver take you to Sharjah or Bur Dubai though...

I wonder... 11 years ago

I wonder how can someone forget that stuff. I bet the workers and cabbie's were too scared too get their hands on that stuff and thought its wise to return. Poor owner!

Grant Goldsmith 11 years ago

Why all the negative comments? Don't hate, congratulate. I welcome the good news. We have enough bad news today.

M Shakeel 11 years ago

That's the reason why poor will always remain poor. They just don't know how to manage a big amount of money. Ever heard of a businessman returning that much money? Editor's reply Surely you don't think honesty and integrity are lost in increments of each extra dirham you earn? Honesty has nothing to do with what you do professionally, but who you are as a person?

JR 11 years ago

Wow - the negative comments are truly amazing. Isn't it sad that rather than be thankful that there is one honest person out there we make snide comments about butter naan (? sorry - I dont get it ?). As for difficulty in getting cabs - having lived in NY, London & Sydney the difficulty getting a cab here is the same. Grant Goldsmith from Kuwait - you get my vote - at least your glass is half full.

Stephen Worsley 11 years ago

Anyone dumb enough to leave nine kilos of gold in a taxi doesn't deserve to have them returned... But while we're on the subject, I've lost my only pair of sunglasses. Prada, cost me about AED1000. If any nice taxi driver finds them, please let me know.

BJ 11 years ago

I think it's great there are so many honest people here in Dubai. What I don't get is how mean such forgetful businessmen are who give a reward of only 1000 AED. I know his employer and the RTA gave more. The owner has much to learn about life from this cabbie.

Najeeb 11 years ago

Perhaps you have no idea how much that poor cabbie earned. I am sure he earned enough to make a palace in paradise. I hope Dhs 1000 he got as reward brings him more baraka rather than enjoying on haram wealth.