Sun 21 Mar 2010 12:01 PM
Safwan Dahoul

Safwan Dahoul

Industry: Culture & Society

Designation: Artist

Country: Syria

Occupation: Artist

Born in Hama, Syria in 1961, Dahoul has exhibited and sold out most of his solo shows throughout the Middle East and Europe and is among the highest grossing Middle Eastern artists to date.

He graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Damascus in 1983 and continued his experimentation and education for fourteen years until he earned a Doctorate in Plastic Arts from the Higher Plastic Arts Institute of Mons in Belgium. His style of painting has been inspired by a range of styles, including ancient Assyrian and Pharaonic art and European masters such as Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegal.

He has also shown influences from the Cubist style of Picasso, however, themes such as “the haunting female subject and the continuous awakening of the subconscious” are what have grabbed collectors’ attention around the world.

“Narcissism is not bad if it strikes a successful person. Love for one’s self is needed at any rate, and this reflects itself in a positive manner: one’s love for one’s work. It results in a passion to produce more work,” he told FW magazine in 2008.

It seems narcissism certainly has struck the right person and doesn’t seem to have done Dahoul or his backers any harm at all.

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