Sun 21 Mar 2010 12:01 PM
Dr Fawzieh Al Dorai

Dr Fawzieh Al Dorai

Industry: Media & Marketing

Designation: Journalist

Country: Kuwait

Occupation: Journalist

Dr Al Dorai is the familiar face of one of the region’s most popular talk shows. A psychologist with a background in sex education, Al Dorai fronts the Kuwaiti television show ‘
Seerat El Hob

’ (The Love Story), a prime-time phone-in show that tackles real-life relationship issues.

With the motto that an undisclosed problem is an unsolved one, Al Dorai has been credited with drawing previously taboo subjects into the spotlight, openly debating issues of love and marriage.

In a traditionally conservative region, her frank style has won her legions of fans across the Arab world. An author, Al Dorai has penned more than fourteen books and is a regular contributor to local publications.