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Wed 27 Jan 2010 07:23 AM

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Pregnancy gender test available in UAE for first time

Pregnant women will now be able to tell the sex of their baby after seven weeks.

Pregnancy gender test available in UAE for first time
BOUNCING BABY: The new test will allow expecting mothers to find out the sex of their unborn baby after seven weeks. (Getty Images)

A test to allow pregnant women to determine the sex of their unborn baby is now available in the UAE for the first time.

The test, which is widely available across the US and Europe, but banned in China and India, can be done as early as seven weeks, health experts said.

Laboratory firm Medsol is offering the test, called “pink or blue”, in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

"The first thing a woman wants to know when told she is pregnant is the sex of the baby," Jihad Sa'adeh, general manager of business development for Medsol, told Gulf News.

The test works by detecting minute quantities of the baby’s male or female DNA in the mother's blood and is 95 per cent accurate, the paper reported.

The test is banned in India and China because some parents will abort their baby if it is a girl, preferring to have a boy. It is prevalent in China where a one baby per couple rule is enforced.

Do you think the test is a good idea, or is there a danger it will be misused? Post your comments below.

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Brit happy to be here 10 years ago

At seven weeks, the pregnancy is still in a sensitive stage - women should be focusing on the new life growing within them, not the gender - a baby is a blessing, and with the gender comes expectations. Pregnancy should be about the health of the mother and child, not about whether its a boy or a girl - why are we consistently taking the fun and surprise out of everything. Leave the miracles alone. Also, its only 95% accurate - imagine you were told you were having a boy, to then have a girl or vice versa.

Prodigy 10 years ago

In life by nature there are some surprises, I believe birth and death have the same level of surprise or Shock, this is the law of nature. Science has advanced a lot but there are things which we can't explain? we can't alter a boy to girl or vice versa, so keeping up with the natures pace should be the choice. The rhythm is there everywhere observe seasons, breath, heart beat, ripples in a pool of water its all around...when we go beyond this pace.nature will defenitely retaliate.We should utilise Science for things that could be altered, stopped or rectified for the betterment of the entire world.

Mohammad Osman 10 years ago

I don't understand why some people feel bad about female gender baby. Before I got married, I was thinking that male gender might be better to have as the first child, but, having today both genders, I feel happy so much with my daughters than my boys. These are all a gift from god and we have to thank for that. I admire with great pleasure the reality of the female gender because without this gender, the human will never exist. Being a poor or rich, daughters are more close to their parents than boys. Today, the woman in general are suitable in managing not family affairs, but, even the international arena. It seems to me, it is against the human nature to reject God's gift while many cann't produce even a single kid regardless of their gender. Lets pray good to all of our kids.

Hassan 10 years ago

Some men who want baby boy may ask their wives to take the abortion pill. This remains a possibilty that can't be ignored. We live in the middle east and not in UK or the States and we are not too different from India or any other developing country. This test should not be allowed in my opinion. Thank you for raising the question.

Saleh Waleed 10 years ago

First we should be always thankful for God’s gift, and thankful to the scientists who are working hard for us to enjoy technologies, As many parents-to-be, probably want to begin preparing as quickly as possible for the birth of their new baby, me and my wife were one of them 2 years ago when my wife was pregnant and done this test in the States, we have enjoyed our time chose a name for our baby girl "Mariam - now she is 14 month old", decorate her room, order furniture and buy clothes and we could not wait to share the news with family members and friends regarding the gender of our unborn child that time. Parents - no matter where from or where they live - want to know as early as possible then can start building emotional bonds with their child to be “It’s She or it’s He” enjoy the experience starting from the early weeks into mother’s pregnancy. Kids are angels, enjoy them from day one.

Maha 10 years ago

I think it is great to know that we have the technology to know.. and I guess it is no harm. Technology in all forms can be misused if intended to starting from mobiles, Internet or e mails. This should not prevent us from using the technology for the right purposes. Thanks to UAE for introducing the test.. I love it and I would certainly like to know :)

dana 10 years ago

my friend did the test & it is really amazing . she enjoyed the experience by knowing that she had a baby girl . i really recommend it .