Lebanese Ministry of Tourism appoints Dubai based GAA Marta Consulting

Monday, 16 Jan 2012
Category: Travel and Tourism
Countries: United Arab Emirates
Description: The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism have appointed Dubai based GAA Marta Consulting as their representation office in the GCC and Europe.
Dubai based, GAA Marta Consulting has been appointed as the GCC & Europe representation office for the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

Heba Aridi, the lead account manager said, “We are very pleased to receive this appointment, since Lebanon is a country that strives on tourism is a fascinating destination with so much to offer. Beirut was ranked No. 1 travel destination worldwide in 2009, due to its unique nightlife and hospitality, and we aim to keep Lebanon as a top destination to visit.”

Tourism already constitutes 23% of Lebanon’s GDP, however there is still room for growth, Lebanon is a country that has it all: culture, history, shopping, nightlife, skiing, beaches, businesses, and eco tourism its time the rest of the world how much it has to offer!

GAA Marta Consulting is an internationally recognized tourism consultancy specialized in tourism development, representation and events for emerging governments of emerging countries as well as investors and private corporations.