Golden Emmy award goes for Al Ijtiyah aired exclusively on LBC

Friday, 28 Nov 2008
Category: Broadcast
Countries: Lebanon
Description: Al Ijtiyah dedicates it's golden Emmy Award to the Arabic Drama. LBC played it bold once more.
Al Ijtiyah dedicates it's golden Emmy Award to the Arabic Drama. LBC played it bold once more.

Once again the Arab Art goes international.

The 36Th International Emmy Awards, held in Hilton Hotel, New York, on November 24th 2008, gives the Golden Emmy Award in the Telenovela Category, to Al Ijtiyah.

Talal Awamleh, the producer, was there to receive the Award.

Once again, LBC proves its boldness with Al Ijtiyah, the human, romantic story that struggles deep inside the Palestinian sufferings. It's is a love story amidst war and chaos which focuses on the daily life of a modern Palestinian who desires to live in dignity and peace.  

We are talking here about the Palestinian cause with its human sides and real pains.

LBC was the only TV station to broadcast it during Ramadan 2007. It went exclusively beyond daring borders.

LBC chose AlIjtiyah because it knows how to choose what's best.

This Best that the Judges at the Emmy Awards liked so much they gave it the highest and international Award in the TV production.

This Best is a new stepping point for the Arabic Drama, and a bolder and modern convergence point in the eyes of the Arab viewers, on both production and content levels.

Four International Telenovelas reached the finals after being chosen by the judges from around 500 nominated ...

And the final announcement declaring Al Ijtiyah as the winner came during a big International Event in which participated many big stars and international production companies.

This Emmy Award, after 6 long preliminary stages, represents a huge success for AlIjtiyah, for the Arabic Drama, and for its exclusive broadcaster LBC.

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Name: Sana Iskandar
Contact Number: 961 3 323012
Additional Information: Synopsis

Produced by the Arab Center In 2007, Al Ijtiyah depicts the current Palestinian situation, mainly the year 2002, during the Israeli "Protective Shield" Operation, where the Israeli forces invaded Jenin Camp and other Palestinian Areas.

Al Ijtiyah addressed the Palestinian human being, away from drama-crying type in almost every other related drama.

It succeeded in showing a new image of the people living in the line of fire.

Al Ijtiyah also showed pictures of Palestinian Unity, when a group of resistants took refuge in the Nativity Church to protect themselves from the Israeli soldiers. The priests there greeted them like heroes and stood by them till the end.

It therefore showed a type of unity that lacks under the current situations in the Palestinian territories.

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