US Architect Firm Designing Projects in Dubai

Saturday, 12 Nov 2011
Category: Construction
Countries: United Arab Emirates
Description: SpaceLineDesign set to design luxury villa on Palm Jumeirah
American architects SpaceLineDesign- Architects|Planners|Interiors LLC is set to design a new, ultra modern villa on the UAE’s Dubai Palm Jumeirah J frond, one of the few remaining palm fronds still available for private villa development.

Principal Architect Jeff Page, CEO says: “We are currently designing a 12,000sf modern villa on the Palm Jumeirah that will set a new benchmark for bespoke modern design.

This will be a challenging project that will exemplify the latest technologies in sustainable design, including deeply recessed, heat reflective windows protected by extensive solar shading, super insulated exterior building envelope, hi efficiency variable flow A/C system, partial ‘earth contact’ of exterior walls, LED automatic lighting and water saving toilets and fixtures with extensive grey water recycling for garden and plant xeriscape irrigation.” (the word ‘Xeriscape’ is Greek for dry, low water usage landscaping).

‘The client is an international business man seeking something different from the other luxury villas currently populating the palm.’

With a long history of bespoke modern residential projects completed throughout the USA, and now operating in the UAE since 2008, SLD Architects is set to continue creating amazing new residential and commercial projects both localy and internationally.

You can see more of the firms projects in the upcoming November issue of InsideOut magazine, where a unique villa design they created in the hot, arid desert environment of Scottsdale Arizona will be featured.