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Tue 13 May 2014 10:57 AM

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Prince Alwaleed gives lonely, paralysed man $133,000

Saudi billionaire said he would personally deliver the money to a young man who posted on Twitter that his family hadn’t visited him & he needed money for treatment

Prince Alwaleed gives lonely, paralysed man $133,000

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has donated SAR500,000 ($133,000) to a paralysed man who used social media website Twitter to plead for help.

The man, known as Ibrahim, said he was lonely because his family had abandoned him several months after an accident 1½ years ago left his entire body paralysed.

“I need stem cell treatment in Germany to recover from my injury and hope for someone to visit me,” Ibrahim tweeted in Arabic on Sunday.

“I have become restless. My father and brothers have not visited me for three months.

“I look around and see other patients being visited by their relatives and friends.”

Thousands of people “favourited” and retweeted his comments, making it one of the most retweeted posts that day and catching the eye of Prince Alwaleed.

The billionaire prince, who is chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, then tweeted that he would donate SAR500,000 and personally handover the cash by visiting Ibrahim in hospital.

Other businessmen also reportedly pledged large donations.

Members of the public also responded to Ibrahim’s loneliness by visiting him at King Khaled Hospital, where he is bed-ridden.

Update May 14: Authorities at King Khalid Hospital, where
Ibrahim is a patient, have restricted his visits after an outpouring of
sympathy from people who read his Twitter pleas.

There had been a queue of people waiting to offer their
support after learning that his family could not visit him.

Tarek 5 years ago

The first rule of Charity/Zakat is not to talk about it.

Baf 5 years ago

May Allah grand paradise for the good gesture. What a great man he is. I, would love to meet him one day and perhaps I will, inshallah

Baf 5 years ago

May Allah grand paradise for the good gesture. What a great man he is. I, would love to meet him one day and perhaps I will, inshallah

mhd 5 years ago

Highly appreciable move.

Warrior 5 years ago

@Tarek caan you please keep quiet ... atleast the guy helped ..

Hassan Rajubally 5 years ago

What a noble action. What would Allah grant him more because Allah has already granted him everything. May Allah grant him Long life to do more noble action. I am also in such position. I would really like to meet Prince Al Waleed. A friend of me set me up and the Bank run by white got me bankrupt and seized my house and business and put them on sale. The next day I am on the road with my wife and 2 daughters. and I am nearly 60. I wish sincerely the Prince could help us to reopen a business in Mauritius.
May Allah bless him Amin

Hassan Rajubally

Howaidah Farooqi 5 years ago

If Allah Taala closes the door he opens the window.HE never leave alone the person in disaster.Because HE is called AlKHALIQ and ALMALIK.My prayers and best wishes are with you IBRAHIM.Don't loose your heart.

hassan 5 years ago

Please don't blame him.He is a man of big heart. If he will not do this how people will learn and he might help others in the future.