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Sun 18 Aug 2013 12:26 PM

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Prince Alwaleed sacks TV boss over Muslim Brotherhood link

Owner of Saudi Arabia's AlResalah Channel says no place for those with “deviant thoughts”

Prince Alwaleed sacks TV boss over Muslim Brotherhood link

Saudi Arabia’s Prince
Alwaleed has sacked Dr Tariq AlSwaidan, the General Manager of AlResalah Channel,
over his links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a statement
released on Sunday, Alwaleed said: “There is no place for those who carry any
deviant thoughts at Al Resalah Channel. The channel targets families to watch
educational programs that cover diverse aspects of social, developmental and
religious programs in a balanced way.”

The channel, funded
by the prince, was launched in 2006 to “promote true Islam”.

In his statement, the
prince added: “The message carried by AlResalah channel contributes to the
positive impact on the thought of the Islamic and Arab audiences and the
preservation of youth away from extremism. AlResalah Channel carries the
tolerant Islamic and Arab identity which promotes positive change by using
scientific methodologies that do not carry any negative agenda.”

Al Suwaidan is a Kuwaiti
entrepreneur, author and speaker and a well-known public speaker, with
his programmes attracting up to ten million viewers. According to Forbes
magazine, he is one of the most in demand Islamic speakers. He previously lived
and worked in the United States.


Jihad Jaljouli 6 years ago

When will we Arabs learn to accept each others beliefs and thoughts?! Until then, we will live in constant struggle with others as well as with ourselves.
Just a reminder that Romney, the latest rival for US presidency was a Mormon.

abusidra 6 years ago

Money speaks. My way or highway.

RAH 6 years ago

Romney still is a Mormon; a Mormon High Preist in fact. But people in America didn't accept his beliefs and thoughts - at least not as much as you may like to think.

Romney has used his religion to appeal to the conservative voters however, many Christian websites in America highlighted his, and the Mormonism beliefs, that says Jesus and Satan brothers and the Christian movement have denounced him for it. As a result, people didnt "learn to accept him", how? Simple. They didnt vote him into office to lead them.

So not only the Arabs, but all over the world will you find people going against certain thoughts and beliefs. Its human nature to have different points of view and its individual human traits to either accept or denounce such differing thoughts and beliefs.

Max 6 years ago

All of sudden he now realised that Mr Al Suwaidan is not fit for his channel . These channels are nothing but propaganda machines for certain hidden agenda and motives.

Brunaux 6 years ago

It is not about the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslems or Islam, it is all about the Egyptian revolution. Rich Arabian Gulf countries were scared to death after the Egyptian revolution. If the Egyptian revolution were to succeed, then it can happen to any of these countries.

Hussain Fahmy 6 years ago

We do not accept each others belief and thoughts rather we should respect each others beliefs and thoughts and try to live as one human race. Our way of lives may defer however, the final destination is to return to the one who created us.