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Sat 23 Mar 2013 07:30 PM

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Prince Alwaleed the world's most powerful Arab

Kingdom Holding boss tops the Arabian Business Power 500 for ninth consecutive year

Prince Alwaleed the world's most powerful Arab

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed has topped the Arabian Business Power 500 for the ninth consecutive year.

The Kingdom Holding chairman took pole position in the Arabian Business annual countdown of the world’s most influential Arabs – just ahead of Emirates Airline chairman Sheikh Ahmed.

See the full list of the world's 500 most powerful Arabs here.

The Olympic double gold champion Mo Farah was the highest ranked new entry in third place, one slot ahead of Emaar boss Mohamed Alabbar.  Twitter’s operations chief Mazen Rawashdeh was the second highest new entry at number five.

The top ten featured five new entries, with heart surgeon Daoud Hanania in eighth place, with Soros fund boss Abbas Zuwaiter at number ten.

The 2013 list featured a record 155 new entries, and also a record 118 women – the highest ranked being 12th place Sheikha Lubna.

The UAE accounted for most places on the list with 102 people based in the country, though ranked by origin, Saudi Arabia came top with 84 entries.

Banking and Finance dominated the list with 93 entries, followed by Culture & Society accounting for 73 entries.

See pictures of the world's most powerful Arabs here.

Ed Atwood, Editor of Arabian Business, said: “Once again we have produced what we believe to be the most comprehensive guide ever to Arab influence. We have Arabs living in a record 36 different countries making this year’s list, from all walks of life. This list is a celebration of the great work and contribution of Arabs all over the globe.”

jay 6 years ago


Baiju 6 years ago

Jay ..u said it...
LOL...99% of readers don't care about this ..and i wonder what is the point in publishing almost every month "rich" "powerfull"...lists....the so called power and wealth changes every month????? I admit the point AB is a business related publishing...but boring to read this list repeatedly...

Joe 6 years ago

Having know many of the people in the list , I find the criteria and ranking quite incomprehensible and strange. There are names that are unheard of and have very little influence or impact that are in the top 100, while there are names who affect the entire world , let alone the arab world either through their scientific achievements, arts popularity, ploitical impact and business leadership, and hardly make the list! Full of contradictions, and seems just to serve a mix of egos or advertizing spend !.

Terry 6 years ago

As far as I am aware Mo Farah is a Somali born British national, so why is he on an arab list? I know arab is a people not a country but last time i checked Somalis nor British people are classed as 'Arabs'

Jama 6 years ago

Never heard of them. I only know Mohamed Farah, the athlete.

The rest must be some dictators with deep pockets stashed with stolen petrol money from the public. Not worth knowing nor do they even influence their neighbourhoods let alone Arabia.

Please stop misinterpreting The Time Magazine, who names real people who contributed to society not some dictators with big pockets.

In the Muslim world, today Erdogan, the Turkish PM is the only influential man. The rest are garbage.


Mo Farah is not an Arab, he is a British man.

Bahaa 6 years ago

Leul, can someone please explain how Mo Farah (UK National, originally from Somalia) is in the 'Most influential ARABS list'

MrSomalia 6 years ago

I am a Somali and this list does not make sense to me when they have Mo Farah (Mohamed Farah); who is a Somali-born British athlete.

Is the list made based on ethnicity/race or political forum? Somalia is a member of the Arab League but it's people are not Arabs. Let me explain and why some people find this confusing.

Arab League has nothing to do with race and ethnicity but is purely a political gathering of some nations. It is like the so called Commonwealth Nations.

I personally believe Somalia should withdrawal from Arab League, because its very useless org that only gets together to bad mouth one another.

Somalia needs to focus on Africa and fixing its relations with fellow Sub-Saharan Africans including South Sudan.

MrSomalia 6 years ago

Arab Business just wants race debates. They want to go feral with these repetitive stories of unknown dictators with big money.

I am a Somali and I do not consider Somalia an Arab state...its people have no ties with Arabs either.

Somali race is a complex race with one language, religion, culture and like is unknown in Africa and so people though 'oh they must be Arabs'-----of course without doing proper research.

Somalis are in the same group of race with Ethiopians and Berberis....

Mo Farah is probably in London laughing with his multi-racial wife :)

AB keep up the good work and thanks for the jokes. Next time please name "Top 40 most beautiful camels" hehehehehe.

Mo's Bro 6 years ago

Shoddy, shoddy work Arabian Business.

Arabs who are not Arabs.

Royals who are not royals.

Powerfeul people who are not powerful.

Nsay 6 years ago

That is a ridiculous thing to say! Many people on the list have made contributions to different fields. Film-making, Public Service, Medicine just to name a few.

While some do have deep pockets it makes no difference to the contributions they make to society. For the record, many of them have nothing and built themselves up from scratch.

What you said is a very ignorant generalization.