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Sun 7 Jun 2009 04:32 PM

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Prosecutors fight former minister's fraud acquittal

Dubai attorney general announces move after Court of Appeal overturns case verdict.

Prosecutors fight former minister's fraud acquittal
COURT CHALLENGE: Prosecutors in Dubai are challenging the acquittal of former minister Khalifa Mohammed Bakhit Al Falasi and other defendants in a fraud case. (AFP)

Prosecutors in Dubai have launched a challenge to the acquittal verdict on former minister Khalifa Mohammed Bakhit Al Falasi and other defendants in a fraud case, it emerged on Sunday.

Dubai Attorney General, Essam al Humaidan, announced the move, adding that the challenge would be made in the court of cassation, news agency WAM reported.

He did not say on what grounds the challenge was being made.

Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the defendants to two years each in prison but the Dubai Court of Appeal cleared them on May 28 and turned down a civil lawsuit.

A ruling read out in court dismissed all charges against former minister Khalifa Bakhit Al Falasi and two managers at a technology company.

In April, they had been sentenced to two years in jail on charges of deceiving the businesswoman and taking over her late brother's stake in the firm.

The court also dismissed an appeal by the businesswoman against the minister's son, who had been earlier acquitted of criminal complicity, Samir Jaafar, one of the lawyers representing the defendants, told Reuters by telephone.

Dubai has launched an anti-corruption campaign, arresting several businessmen and another minister as its once-booming economy is hit by the global financial downturn.

Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said last year nobody would be above the law.

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