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Thu 8 Dec 2011 11:29 AM

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Qatar 2022 decision ‘perverted, says German FA chief

Theo Zwanziger says no logic to tiny Gulf nation holding top football tournament

Qatar 2022 decision ‘perverted, says German FA chief
Qatars Sports City stadium is pictured in this artists impression (Getty Images)

German football federation (DFB) president Theo Zwanziger has reiterated his criticism of the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, saying normal hosting criteria had been "perverted".

"I have never understood, how such a small country is allowed to stage the most important sports event in the world, especially as Qatar was last in the rankings before the decision," Zwanziger told reporters.

"The criteria for host nations have been perverted," added the German, who has been a vocal critic of the decision. "I have my doubt as to whether sporting aspects were fully taken into account."

Qatar was publicly accused of bribing FIFA executives to secure its position as host of the 2022 World Cup in a series on media articles in the UK. The ‘whistleblower’ behind the claims, The accusation against the OPEC member state was that three African FIFA executive committee members were paid $1.5m (£0.94m) but Qatari officials to secure their votes.

Allegations were based on a statement from the bid’s media officer, Phaedra Al Majid, as well as a statement revealed in a leaked email by FIFA's general-secretary Jérôme Valcke.

The email, which said that “Qatar bought the World Cup”, has since been defended Valcke, who said he was referring to Qatar’s large budget, not suggesting corruption.

Al Majid, a former media officer for Qatar 2022, later said her claims were “all lies” and an attempt to "hurt" the bid after she lost her job.

Qatar has denied any wrongdoing and believes it won the right to host the World Cup fairly.

Zwanziger, a member of FIFA's executive committee, was appointed in October to head one of the new committees established to clean up soccer's governing body, which has been riddled with allegations of bribery and corruption.

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Mohamed 8 years ago

Mr. Zwanziger, Qatar a small country may not have all the criteria as laid down in the FIFA Rules to host World Cup but Qatar has the highest economic growth rate in the World to host such important international events backed with their experience in conducting the Asian Games and Asian Cup. 2022 World Cup is awarded for the GCC and the whole GCC brotherhood is behind Qatar to make the 2022 World Cup enjoyable beyond imagination.
Please do not feel it is "perverted", as I feel rewiriting the FIFA criteria to host the world cup would emliminate the corruption inside FIFA and would give chances to many countries to host such events in their homeland.

GCC STATES..ONE NATION..FOREVER........ 8 years ago

Qatar deserves to host the 2022 world cup. "I have never understood, how such a small country is allowed to stage the most important sports event in the world, especially as Qatar was last in the rankings before the decision," Zwanziger told reporters. So what if Qatar was a small country? Why is Zwanziger and so many people against Qatar? FYI, Qatar is not a small country, it is part of the GCC, and the GCC states are all ONE NATION.

Peter 8 years ago

Mr. Zwanziger. Qatar being a small country, will do a better job than the others. Wait n watch.

Lionheart 8 years ago

Peter ,

There is not a chance in the world that Qatar will do a better job then other advanced footballing nations . I live and work here and Qatar needs to wake up and look at itself before opening it's doors to up to 500,000 visitors . If you throw enough money at things then things happen but i'm afraid that if you can't change the attitude of the people you are doomed to failure.
I've been to all of the sporting events here and they are all poor and below standard, some even verging on the ridiculous . There is no sporting heritage or football heritage in this country , the last World Cup Qualifier attracted below 4,000 people and tickets are free !
Awarding 2022 to Qatar is one of the biggest sporting disasters of the last 50 years.

glb 8 years ago

The size of a country should not determine whether or not it is capable of hosting events such as this. Their ability to host it under the criteria set is all that should determine this. Every country who participates in major events should have equal opportunity to be a host ....... it is better for the sport as a whole. Being Eurppean does not mean automatically you can do it better than smaller nations and this comment "I have never understood, how such a small country is allowed to stage the most important sports event in the world, especially as Qatar was last in the rankings before the decision," simply smacks of bias by German football federation (DFB) president Theo Zwanziger.
Let sport be what it should be ..... sport ..... for the love of the game

Telcoguy 8 years ago

There were over 200K visitors to South Africa during the World Cup, Qatar population is roughly 1.8M. If we are going to expect a similar level of success in Qatar that means a temporary surge of population that accounts for some 15%... Size clearly matters.

Maybe Qatar will be able to put a good world cup, time will tell, for the time being it is reasonable to have serious concerns about that. And the doubts will remain until some advancement is shown.

And please do not play the 'sports' card, long time ago soccer became a business, and Qatar decision is all about business. As such it should be judged.

Sporting Spirit 8 years ago

Any activity that generates money becomes a business and business people will always capitalize on that. Still, we must insist that sport is a sport and the sporting spirit must be preserved that will unite the human competitive spirit of nations. Let us never let go of that or we surrender to the business aspect that beats the whole purpose of sport.

What did Qatar do, or is accused of doing, that other countries coveting the business of the world cup did not do? Should we always give the chance to the fat countries or instead allow other smaller countries - a sporting chance - to host the games. Is Qatar going to make a ton of money out of this, or rather spend tons and tons of money to develop itself? Who benefits from Qatar's spending?

Why should the FIFA games be mandated in the summer months to suit colder countries and rule out the fair weather of others? Welcome to a global community - let's move with the times.... I am absolutely sure that Qatar will shine in 2022...

Telcoguy 8 years ago

@Sporting, Qatar will make no money out of this. Very few countries make money out of organizing these events and they are used mostly as status symbols (as in this case) or as an excuse to make money out of the big projects (too many to tell). In a few cases they have a positive impact (Barcelona 92 being an example) On those grounds I am happy seeing Qatar footing the bill.
Benefits will accrue to the contractor firms engaged in this exercise and their entourage. I am also OK with that, it is not my money and I rather see Qatar spending it than my own country.
Having said that, there are questions around the ability of Qatar to organize this event, ranging from the practical (honestly previous sport events experiences in Qatar do not seem to have worked so well) to more subjective (too many things can go wrong when such large influx of foreigners arrive to a place not used to that)
This was not granted to Qatar to give a chance to small countries. It was given to a rich country.