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Mon 29 Jul 2013 01:34 PM

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Qatar 2022 should be moved, says Premier League boss

Richard Scudamore says World Cup should be moved to another country if Qatar cannot host summer event

Qatar 2022 should be moved, says Premier League boss
Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has said that if the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 cannot be held in the summer, it should be moved to another country.

Speaking at the Premier League Asian Trophy in Hong Kong, and quoted in Monday's British newspapers, he expressed his worries that the 2022 World Cup will be moved from the European summer to winter months because of the intense heat in Qatar, thus disrupting his league.

Earlier this month, FIFA Sepp Blatter reiterated his concerns over a summer World Cup saying it should be moved to the winter with the FIFA executive committee meeting to discuss the issue in October.

Scudamore is totally opposed to the idea.

"I'm not going to say I think it will happen because I'm still working the best I can, garnering enough support, a groundswell of support, to make sure it doesn't happen in winter.

"We do want to have it in summer - the summer is the right time.

"If Qatar is unable to hold a proper tournament in the summer for fans then it should be put on somewhere else is my simple view."

Qatar beat Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States in a vote to host soccer's showpiece in the summer.

Qatar's bid involved building a number of air conditioned stadiums to tackle the searing temperatures and the tiny gulf state has long said they were ready to host the World Cup in winter if required.

Scudamore suggested moving the tournament.

"My view is if you can't actually meet the criteria of looking after the fans, if that is what Mr Blatter is now saying, then you should take it somewhere else where they can look after the fans," Scudamore said.

"When the technical bid book went in, it had to go through everything, like fan experience. The idea the technical committee did not know people were going to be exposed to that heat is crazy. If Mr Blatter says it is not right for the fans he should move it.

"The world has a calendar that's geared around finding those two months every four years in the summer to have the World Cup," he said. "To alter it to a different time of year messes up everybody's calendar, not just ours."

Scudamore said it was too early for the Premier League or other FA's or Leagues to consider legal action but did not rule it out.

"That's something that is far too contentious really. It's not a very edifying prospect is it? Taking on FIFA, the world governing body. At the end of the day we'll do our lobbying, our work, but it's far too premature to think of legal action."

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Mark Williams 7 years ago

Totally agree, it should be moved and an investigation held into how this bid ever got awarded! It will be far to hot to play in the temperatures that you get in Summer in Qatar. I also cannot see how these air conditioned stadiums are going to help the players, it all seems daft. Moving to Winter wont happen as all countries will just say no to that especially the UK with the worlds most popular season the premier league being played then, nobody is going to agree as it will cost millions upon millions of lost revenue! Are you paying for that Qatar or are you Blatter, you arrogant little man!

ISR 7 years ago

The English are just bitter and twisted their bid for 2018 did not succeed,

Arjun 7 years ago

Why not move the WC itself from Qatar !!!! Now that it has been awarded & Qatar standing it's ground that it would still stage a summer WC so let it be. Don't have to cry now. Qatar has been thinking over this for 2 years now. Their presentation was for a summer WC. If you cant move your leagues then it is your problem, though by my rant nothings gonna change. Everyone knows.....get your act together. Leave it to the Qatari's, every country has a need to grow & definitely Qatar has to grow a lot from here. They will come up with something but please stop this nonsense of moving it. Eventually that is what will happen but leave it to them

mark Williams 7 years ago

If this is moved to Winter then sorry it's Qatars problem as this was not agreed to in the bid BY ANYONE. FACT, therefore it cannot be upheld. FACT.

If the stadiums can cool players and then fans then I don't see a problem, however it puzzles me why FIFA are worried about this, it would suggest through talks about Winter that this cant be done.

Prove us all wrong, believe me I don't care where it's held as long as people have a good time and enjoy the football and everything that comes with that.

Mark Williams 7 years ago

Bitter and twisted oh please, the concern is the heat, the practicalities are just that the leagues in the UK and elsewhere will not agree to shifting to winter, the losses from the biggest and most watched league in the world so will not be accepted. The UK put on an amazing Olympics and and did very well indeed and are now riding high in sport, we prepared and we did it properly, no half measures, fact. FIFA are genuinely worried about this so stop twisting this into something it's not. Such arrogance is not welcome, action is, so act and stop being so high and mighty, you haven't earned the right.

King Kong 7 years ago

We have to realize that big leagues have to be synchronized. That is why Russia had to change the league time from a mild one to the winter in order to synchronize with the rest of the European leagues.

Why this tiny sandy country which is not a football power at all should be a must of holding a World Cup tournament? Promotion of football? Promotion of football to a population with only 1.87 million people in Qatar? Many cities have the population size comparable to the population size of this tiny sandy country.

I remember hearing Morgan Freeman speak on the USA’s behalf at the bidding of the 2022 World Cup.

It was elegant, moving, and contained all the power and persuasion that comes with a classic performance form the treasured actor.

It is a cheat.

john Smith 7 years ago

The only way you could satisfactorily cool the players and the fans would be to have sealed air conditioned stadiums, in other words play the competition indoors. Is that what we want?

Asif 7 years ago

The whole idea of awarding Qatar the World Cup was to promote the game more in the region. Let's face it, football is all about money and there is plenty of money in the Gulf region. Enhancing the game of football in this region will be beneficial to FIFA.

I do agree with the comment about Qatar's bid being for a summer world cup and it therefore, should be held in the summer but I don't agree with the comment that the World cup should be taken away from Qatar.

I think what Mr. Williams above and Mr. Scudamore are trying to say is that we should strip Qatar from the 2022 World Cup and give it to England.

I'm sure the World Cup will be held in the Winter as the summer is just too hot here. The people who oppose it will have to eventually accept it as it will happen. This was FIFA's strategy from day one.

ISR 7 years ago

Here we go....your comment just demonstrates how bitter and twisted you are. What the heck has the Olymipcs got to do with? Ok they put on a half decent show (not as good as the Chinese I hasten to add), so does that mean the Lish have to hold all international sporting events henceforth? Qatar were awarded the games by a democratic ballot...everybody know the heat implications at the time. Get over it.

Mark Williams 7 years ago

Where did I say that it should be stripped from Qatar and given to England, please cut and paste that section of my comments.

The award was based on the Summer and NOT the Winter as has already been explained countless times here our domestic leagues and many other countries domestic leagues are played in the Winter. TV rights, sponsorship, advertising, ticket sales....shall I go on!

The World Cup won’t be held in Winter just because Qatar says it will, wake up, this is a game that other countries have been competing in at the highest levels far longer than Qatar therefore their power is absolute as a collective.

Build the air conditioned stadiums that have been promised then I see no issue in this going ahead, if not then it’s all going to get very messy.

This is not about defaming Qatar it is about the sheer enormity of hosting a world cup, organizing and providing not only for the players but for the fans.

Qatar has a long time to sort this and I hope they do