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Wed 27 Feb 2008 02:12 AM

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Qatar daily leads Danish boycott drive

Al Sharq launches campaign in response to reader demand for action over prophet cartoons.

Qatar daily leads Danish boycott drive
READER DEMAND: Qatari daily Al Sharq is calling for the boycott of Danish products following the reprinting of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. (Getty Images)

A Qatari newspaper has launched a campaign against Danish products following the reprinting of controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

Arabic daily Al Sharq had been “overwhelmed by telephone calls and emails from our readers who want a boycott of Danish products and their comments will be published daily in our pages”, deputy editor Abdul Muttalib told Gulf News.

The newspaper is also urging readers to sign an online petition demanding the removal of the cartoons from the Wikipedia website.

Protests against Denmark have raged across the Muslim world since 17 Danish dailies last week reprinted a drawing featuring Prophet Mohammed's head with a turban that looked like a bomb with a lit fuse.

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in Bahrain, Pakistan, Gaza, Iran and Denmark, which witnessed a week of riots by Danish Muslim youths.

In Jordan at least 18 media outlets have said they will campaign to protest against the “attempts to distort Islam’s images”, while Egypt said it had banned the sale of four international newspapers over the pictures.

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URICH 12 years ago

I suggest that the boycott should extend to danish cititzens also

Ron McCulloch 12 years ago

I feel the offensive Cartoons should not have been published in the first case, nor republished. But that is the true cost of freedom. Freedom means I get to write what you do not wish to read, I get to view books or films, that you do not want to view or read. There is no "CRUSDAE" by the West against Islam or Muslims or anything like that.

Emile 12 years ago

Seriously! Don't people have anything better to do than to dwell on some stupid cartoons. The problem with us Arabs is that we are emotional rather an rational - we need to stop reacting to everything and try to see things for what they are. The reason people make fun of us or fear us is because we let them. Instead of educating people and showing them what the Arab culture is about, we go out there, riot, destroy our own city streets in the process, burn flags, curse the westerners. And then we are shocked as to why the western world looks at us differently. Could it be that maybe we are trying so hard to be different and stand apart!!! People common sense - a cartoon is a cartoon is a cartoon. It doesn't mean anything unless you give it meaning.

Sharique 12 years ago

Mr. Ron, with due respect of your opinion, I would like to ask you a very simple question. Do you think abusing people's belief is freedom? Can you allow anybody to utter foul language infront of you? Will you not feel pain if some one says bad to our mom? Can it allow be allowed in the name of freedom of expression? Freedom of expression can only be practiced when peoples respects people, when we have an ideal society where an individual knows how to exploit his right of freedom well. Muslims cant utter a wrong words for anyone thats the principle of ISLAM.

Kashif Khan 12 years ago

The entire 'attack on Islam' routine has become overly sensitive and overly boring too. On one hand 'Westerners' keep on provoking Muslims and their faith and on the other we Muslims keep on reacting the 'expected' way. Why can't all of us just live and let live. Why cant we just move on to another topic? Ron, freedom of speech is good, but to infringe on another's freedom is criminal. Emile, it's time Arabs stopped identifying all 'Muslims' as 'Arabs'. There are more Muslims in Indonesia or Pakistan than the entire Middle East combined!

Mohammed 12 years ago

I think as this time media, press and authorities are silent on this issue, we Muslims if they believe hurt should silently observe the boycott. Even last time I have not stopped eating Lurpak butter and Cheese but now I know the mentality of these people and must be replied by making complete boycott, I dont think this required any movement to start this boycott they have hurted us and we should reply.

Sajjad Ahmed 12 years ago

Salaamalaikum [Peace be upon you] Not only the western world, but basically all non muslims have to be informed that muslims consider Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) as the final messenger after Jesus Christ(Peace be upon him) and as the greatest human being ever created by God. Almost 100% of all muslims would give their life to protect him or his divine legacy. Also it is prohibited in Islam to create pictures or statues of living creatures as this is the first step towards actually start praying to the same created picture or statue as has been the practice of human beings since the start of time. This order from the prophet Muhammad was given to stop people from actually praying to him after his death as is the case with many prophets including Jesus Christ [Peace be upon him]. A true muslim will also get angry if Jesus Christ or Mary(PBUH) is depicted in similar derogatory manner as both of them are highly respected in Islam.[Mary(PBUH), mother of Jesus Christ(PBUH), being the only lady referred by name in the Holy Quran] . So, non muslims should be informed of the above facts and I am sure any sensible person having respect for other human beings would not do anything that unnecessarily hurts another human beings feelings.

Savabi 12 years ago

Muslims in general are very emotional and irrational... when one cartoonist draw a cartoon of our prophet, how can we retaliate by boycotting Danish companies and products which are not related with cartoonist by any means? Thousands of Muslims (their families) are working in these companies... company like Arla has come up with a public condemnation of the cartoons which has caused a boycott of their products in Denmark... I think that we have to put pressure to Denmark through the political system, not by boycotting companies which have nothing to do with cartoons...

Ismail Palakkattu 12 years ago

Western policies on freedom of speech, democracy or any other contemporary issues are crossing the limit in every aspect. Their approach - "it's my right" - is not applicable and practical everywhere. The right of freedom of expression should not be taken in an uncivilized manner. All the human rights, law and order implemented here is to lead a peaceful life for human kind and that should not have any adverse effect.

Mohamed I. 12 years ago

SalamAlaikom, I would like to condemn the recent drawings on our beloved prophet as being very offensive, and any Muslim should be outraged, and boycotting is the least we can do. To comment at Kashif Khan's, we cannot move on unless we retaliate, if we live and move on, you are suggesting forgetting the duty we have upon us of protecting our beloved prophet.