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Mon 27 Jun 2011 06:23 PM

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Qatar firm set to open first women's only cinema

Aspire Zone Foundation says cinema will open on June 30; will have seating capacity for 154 women

Qatar firm set to open first women's only cinema
The first womens only cinema is set to open in the Qatari capital Doha later this week, the first of its kind in the Middle East. (Picture for illustrative purposes only)

The first women's only cinema is set to open in the Qatari capital Doha later this week, the first of its kind in the Middle East, it was reported on Monday.

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) is opening the cinema on June 30. Based in AZF’s Ladies Club, it will show the latest releases currently being screened elsewhere in Doha, Qatar daily Gulf Times reported.

All films for the Aspire Ladies Cinema will be provided by the Qatar Cinema and Film Distribution Company, which already operates some of the largest cinema outlets in Doha, the paper added.

The cinema will have a seating capacity of 154 and three different films will be shown each weekend.

The cost of tickets will be in line with current prices of VIP seats in Doha's main cinemas, the paper said.

Last week, Qatar Media Services ( said it planned to open more than 50 cinema multiplexes in the next three years.

The move comes as announced a deal to take a 60 percent stake in Qatar Cinema and Film Distribution Company following an acquisition deal worth nearly QR2bn.

The two companies said in a statement they are currently involved in negotiations with mall owners to explore possible locations for opening new cinema facilities.

Following the acquisition, both companies also intend to establish a number of multiplex entertainment facilities, and have initiated talks with designers from the US to create innovative cinemas.

Chauvenist 8 years ago

Surely, this is a step backwards? What's next, segregation of sexes in public?

Ali Baker 8 years ago

Brilliant, the society that needs to be more open ( 2022 anyone? ) is becoming more closed.

Nishant 8 years ago

hahaha.....this is funny... Whats next??? Ladies only football stadium? LOL.....
Hey FIFA, we men request you to think again about awarding 2022 WC to Qatar :P
This is another reason why Qatar will never succeed in the race to become the next Dubai.

Frank Lampard 8 years ago

I don't get? What's all the commotion for? They're not enforcing segregation of the sexes, but simply giving women the CHOICE of where to watch their movies. We'll wait and see if it's successful.

junk McGunk 8 years ago

Funny.. 4 comments, not a single one of them comes from a female.

Face it and accept it: "women only" works in the Gulf. they have women-only bank branches, women-only lines in hospitals and government institutions, etc, etc.

The cinema idea WILL work, because anyone who has been to a cinema can tell that there is a lot harassment and unnecessary comments being made from boys towards females. Best option? segregate!

SAM 8 years ago

This is a private company providing a service to a segment of Qatar's society; it is a business that provides more choices to the people of Qatar. Sad to see so much ignorance and hate towards whatever Arabs do from people who apparently reside in the GCC.

Memo 8 years ago

I think it's a great idea, for all woman who wear headscarfs. They get the chance to visit cinemas, experience movies and not cover their hair for those 2 hours. A business idea that will pay off. It might be a sensation of feeling free to uncover ones hair while watching a movie.
And they pay VIP prices for normal seating, so the cinemas get an extra buck. Very smart indeed!
You got to see the opportunities your eyes

Dushyant Motiani 8 years ago

This will work and there is nothing wrong with it. Hell we have ladies only train compartments in Indian local trains. Now will all the detractors say - we should remove these compartments? or otherwise India too is backward?

Jon 8 years ago

Good idea. And women don't have to go to the female only cinema, but at least they have the choice!

Doug 8 years ago

It's not segregation. Women and men can still sit in cinemas in Qatar together - it's just now there is an option for women to go to a cinema where there aren't any men. It's about choice!

As a Westerner, I think it's a great idea. It means that Muslim women brought up in more traditional households can still enjoy socialising with their friends and going to the cinema. Also, with the demographics in Qatar, it also means they're a)more likely to get a seat with a good view and b)not be hassled by the unfortunate gang of labourers who don't get let out much anyway. Everyone wins.