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Thu 9 May 2013 12:05 PM

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Qatar teacher jailed for insulting Muslims

Pupils complained after Nepalese teacher allegedly said 'all Muslims are terrorists' - report

Qatar teacher jailed for insulting Muslims
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)

A Nepalese teacher at a school in Qatar has been fired and is currently in jail following complaints he insulted Islam and allegedly said “all Muslims are terrorists” during an argument with students.

Dorje Gurung, a chemistry teacher at Qatar Academy, was fired by the school last week after he allegedly made the derogatory comments during an argument with a group of his pupils two weeks ago.

The Nepalese expat was subsequently arrested by police and is currently in jail, Doha News reported.

“We can confirm that an incident recently arose involving a staff member at Qatar Academy which resulted in formal complaints being made regarding the manner in which students were addressed,” Qatar Academy said in a media statement.

“Appropriate action was taken by the school’s leadership for the teacher to depart from Qatar Academy. Since leaving our employment, we have learned that the incident is under investigation by the authorities. Therefore, it is currently inappropriate to comment further,” it added.

The incident occurred two weeks ago and unnamed sources at the school claimed Gurung is allegedly to have remarked that “all Muslims are terrorists” during the argument with students.

The Nepalese embassy confirmed to Doha News that Gurung was currently in jail.

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Selwyn Price 6 years ago

Having known Dorje Gurung for many years I can emphatically state that he is neither a racist nor anti Islamic.
From what I understand Mr Gurung had, himself, endured considerable racism from some students at Qatar Academy and received no support from his school's management. Indeed they fired him on the words of twelve year old children. The context of his words were in an attempt to get his students to consider stereotypes and make a comparison of how they would feel if subjected to stereotyping. I hope and trust that this very sad event is resolved promptly.

Please refer to Dorje's own website

Qatari 6 years ago

Two wrongs don't make one right.

Ramesh 6 years ago

Its common case for any expat to face misbehavior form local youth or kids in Qatar. In any situation the racist scold as mentioned above can not be accepted from a teacher. But we should note that the claim of a 12 years furious kid is how far true. The true investigation required.

anon446 6 years ago

Having known Gurung, I can say that he had many problems with many students. This incident laid the last pin in the coffin.

Plus, why did he drop to such a low level in the first place? Seriously? Arguing with a 12 year old?

Annie 6 years ago

This is atrocious! Why is there no support for Mr. Gurung -a man with a unique and strong multi-cultural educational background- at this school? Students and parents that this school caters to should be up in arms over the injustice that he is facing!
Prejudice has no place in our 21st century world!

Look at Mr. Gurung's track record. His experience. And then consider what you would do if you, as a teacher, had your 'teachable moment' be twisted around by 12 year olds out to get back at a person they see as a second class citizen.

Multiple failures going on here, and none of them are Mr. Gurung. Shame on those boys and their families.

Brenda 6 years ago

I have also known Dorje for years. Please look below the surface of this story. This is a good, just man who believes in equality and tolerance. He is a passivist and is not racist nor anti-Islamic. He has endured significant racism, as stated by Selwyn, but he does not believe in hate or retribution. Any remarks he made were made to hold a mirror up to these children's behavior, nothing else. There is more here than meets the eye.

Gwenola Colleu 6 years ago

I have known Dorje Gurung for many years, both as a colleague and as a friend. He is a kind, open-minded and respectful man, whose international experience has given him the chance to become friends with people of varied nationalities, cultures and faiths.
My understanding is that Mr. Dorje Gurung had been the victim of stereotyping and racist comments from some students at Qatar Academy. Mr. Gurung was explaining the negative impact of stereotyping to those students, but certainly not insulting Islam.
I hope that this misunderstanding will be cleared and that Dorje Gurung will be released promptly.

Please, refer to Dorje's website:

Jeremy Jensen 6 years ago

I completely agree with Mr. Price. I know Mr. Gurung personally as a friend and colleague. he is an honourable, honest and hard-working man who is always respectful of everyone's religion, race, beliefs and values. It is obvious that the situation has been taken out of context and that Mr. Gurung has been treated unfairly. I have no doubt that he had nothing but the best intent. I would also like to make it clear that the article above has not quoted Mr. Gurung accurately and that what he said has not been given context. Mr. Gurung has been enduring severe racism and bullying himself from the students he teachers because it is clear that many Qatari students have been taught that repect of Nepalese people is not important. He was trying to get the students to understand how he felt about their abusive, stereotypical comments by asking them how they would feel if they were treated similarly. This situation is a tragedy and the school's administration is mostly to blame.

Ponder 6 years ago

Neither does jailing him for this (makes it right) if the context is indeed what Selwyn Price has mentioned. Otherwise would be only fair to jail the students for making insulting comments about the ethnicity/background of their teacher no less!

I dont think any teacher would just randomly lash out at his students and go on a diatribe about religion/ethnicity for no reason.

You want to suspend him, then by all means do so while pending results of a investigation but to throw the guy in jail is harsh.

Sue Davey 6 years ago

I have known Dorje for many years as a colleague and friend. He is definitely not anti Islamic or racist and respects all cultures. As a teacher I am all too aware of how a minority of badly behaved students will twist words that their teachers have said in an attempt to 'get at' them. I believe that the students have twisted the words Dorje said and taken them out of context when he was trying to explain to them about stereotyping and racism. It is extremely worrying that Dorje has been sacked and then arrested based on the words of some 12 year olds who were persistently bullying Dorje because of his nationality and looks. I hope the school and authorities realise the grave mistake that they have made and that this situation is resolved quickly.