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Mon 13 May 2013 11:10 AM

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Qatar teacher jailed for Muslim insults is released

Online petition calling for Nepalese expat’s release received 12,500 followers - report

Qatar teacher jailed for Muslim insults is released
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)

A Nepalese teacher jailed in Qatar for allegedly insulting Muslims has had all charges against him dropped and is set to fly home to Nepal in the coming days, it has been reported.

Dorje Gurung, a chemistry teacher at Qatar Academy who was fired by the school after he allegedly said “all Muslims are terrorists” during an argument with students three weeks ago, was released after spending around ten days in jail, Doha News reported on Sunday.

Grung was arrested following complaints by students, but colleagues claimed the argument arose after students allegedly made derogatory remarks to the teacher about his nationality and he responded by asking them how they would feel to be stereotyped and called terrorists because they were Muslim.

An online petition was launched on Friday calling for Gurung’s release and amassed more than 12,500 signatures.

“[Gurung] was very grateful for, and overwhelmed by, the level of support he had received from his friends, family, and colleagues from around the world, and by complete strangers who had supported him on the testimony of those who do know him,” Selywn Price, a longtime friend of Gurung’s, was quoted as saying by the Doha News.

In a statement last week, Qatar Academy confirmed “that an incident recently arose involving a staff member... which resulted in formal complaints being made regarding the manner in which students were addressed.”

The teacher is now believed to preparing to leave Qatar and return to his native Nepal.

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David Basboch 6 years ago

So, does he get his job back after being fired? Compensation? Is deportation the best one can hope for in these situations in Qatar?

Qatari 6 years ago

Never come back and tell all your "democratic" friends that we don't tolerate people who have hate towards Islam.

Qatari 6 years ago

"On February 15, 2007, Zündel was convicted on 14 counts of incitement under Germany's Volksverhetzung law, which bans the incitement of hatred against a portion of the population, and given the maximum sentence of five years in prison."

I guess he was lucky to be in Qatar.

john 6 years ago

You're kidding aren't you? lol

Barti 6 years ago

I have come across Qataris who claim that they are the best country in the world and on the contrary many expatriates living in Qatar think Qatar is artificial and many of their nationals are superficial and self-centered. Qatar is also often compared to Dubai by some people, but I think Dubai is way ahead of Doha in every way. If Qatar wants to lead Dubai then they need to show more tolerance and treating people from all nations and religion as equal. Qatari officials released the Nepali teacher only because their name was getting damaged beyond middle east and I hope the Nepali teacher will be treated well and send off with all the compensation due from Qatar Academy. Those unruly superficial students should be punished. Qatar foundation and academy should practice what they preach instead of high profile ads on TV.

Nasser 6 years ago

To be honest, he is lucky that hes going to get deported. He avoided even more jail time. He should be thankful that he got the opportunity to work in a prosperous country such as Qatar where any expat working as a high school chemistry teacher could be replaced without incident rapidly.

who you fooling 6 years ago

There is no one lucky to be in Qatar thats why companies have to pay higher salaries for people to go there, and nearly all the local youth go abroad for university.
Was Zindel quoted as saying how would you like "IF" I called all muslims terrorists how would you like it. After a group of children insulted him and his country.

MJM 6 years ago

My friend,

This man did not 'hate' islam or did not make any insults about Islam. Please read between the lines.
All he said was how would you like to be stereotyped?
No court in this region acquits the guilty. The court found this man innocent, and the remarks of those kids, fraudulent.

Did you know that these boys physically assaulted their teacher?

Please quit making translucent comments. People, especially expats, who live in Qatar have great respect for the visionary leaders of this nation, and the educated Qataris who promote their culture.

Comments such as yours, are very whimsical in nature.

rednrosy 6 years ago

@qatari, according to this article he did not make a hate statement, it would appear that he was being abused by the students, and made a statement that how would they feel if the same happened to them.

Instead of expecting empathy they turned on him.

When I was young, it was the teachers who run the school and we were there to be polite, listen and learn.
As a result we learned respect.
This looks like learning mob rule and it is the students who are running the school.

BackfromDoha 6 years ago

I can think of the fate of next teacher in the class - Let us have fun time else you know what we did to the earlier teacher...
Qatari / Nasser, do you think these kids will become good adults with such pampering? Look at what Kuwait is facing now with unruly teenagers / young adults. You can have all the wealth in the world but if you do not respect fellow human being, it won't last for long. The day expats will get another richer country, they will leave en mass. I know many Qataris who are gem of a person - friendly, approachable and VERY helpful. I just hope the new generation does not spoil it through such cases