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Sun 29 Sep 2013 04:42 PM

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Qatar World Cup to be in Nov, says Olympics chief

Olympic Committee head says FIFA told him new World Cup time won’t clash with Winter Games in 2022

Qatar World Cup to be in Nov, says Olympics chief

The Qatar World Cup 2022 will be held in November, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach has revealed after receiving an assurance from FIFA that the football tournament would not clash with the Winter Olympic Games.

There had been concerns that moving the 2022 World Cup, traditionally played in summer, to winter, would coincide with the Winter Olympics, to be held in January-February.

But Bach said he had been informed the football world governing body was working to delay the Cup rather than bring it forward.

"So far we have heard the proposal by the FIFA president to have it in November 2022, and there would be no clash whatsoever," Bach told BBC Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek programme.

"I'm not worried at all [about a clash with the Winter Olympics]. What I know is that I spoke with president Blatter about this proposal - [to host the World Cup in] November - and there would be no conflict at all.”

FIFA is expected to decide whether to reschedule the Qatar tournament at its executive committee meeting early next month.

Summer temperatures can soar to 50 degrees in Qatar and despite assurances by the organising committee that stadiums would be air-conditioned, concerns have plagued the event since it was awarded to the Gulf state in 2010.

Retiming the World Cup could open up legal action from countries that lost the bid to host the 2022 tournament, professional leagues, broadcaster Fox and sponsors.

Australian Football Federation chairman Frank Lowy said earlier this month he would sue FIFA to reclaim the $40m his country spent on its lost bid.

However, senior FIFA members have said there would be no grounds for legal action due to the wording of contracts with the body.

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Anon 6 years ago

Go Qatar ! I am in full support of this move.

Mick 6 years ago

This Qatar World Cup idea has checkmarked every box in the negative column. Worst idea ever. Now upsetting regular football seasons for the sake of Qatar.
Who cares about the skiiers and wrestlers not getting as broadcast hits? If you are a football fan, you'll watch football. It's the biggest tournament on the planet! Not the Olympics. Noone's cared about the Olympics since the 80's. The World Cup should dictate the tempo of this, not Qatar or the Olympics. Qatar is far too hot, too conservative and too unfriendly to host a world cup anyway. We host it in November, then we are flipping the football world upside down to accommodate a crying child. All of this could have been avoided it was awarded, fairly, to a country that has a football-habitable landscape. Not the one that supplies the world with natural gas.

Graham Young 6 years ago

I would have preferred December to coincide with end of year
holidays in Freezing Europe
Let New Zealand bid for Winter Olympics in July/August
Lets make 2022 a year of changes
Then of course Summer Olympics in November 2024

Alain 6 years ago

Absolutely right. What about the European Clubs league that all start in the month of September. Enough playing around. All the Board Members of the FIFA should be sacked. What a mistake!

Mr. Abdullah H 6 years ago

Sir, you ought to remember that this is the World Cup, not the European Cup! As for Qatar being unfriendly, Qatar has a lower crime rate than just about any country in Europe, so there!

Frankly, the only crying child here are people like you who are too close minded to even consider the idea of a small Muslim country hosting this event. For shame sir, for shame!

Adnan 6 years ago

I have been living in Qatar for the last 6 years as a British expat. This place will host a great World Cup in the summer.

Only proviso would be to avoid July and August due to the humidity. May June evenings are pleasant and night games will suit the European schedules.

Peter 6 years ago

come on guys.....this is a world cup and not a European cup. Every country has a right to host it. Qatar world cup will be diff and an opportunity to experience something diff for the fans and players. So lets enjoy it this time with Arabian hospitality. Am sure you are not going to regret it.