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Sun 1 Nov 2009 04:28 PM

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Qatari firm in talks on $150m Prophet Mohammed movie

Lord of the Rings, The Matrix producer on board for film, set to start in 2011.

A film about the Prophet Mohammad backed by the producer of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Matrix" is under discussion, a Qatar media firm said on Sunday.

The aim is to create an English-language blockbuster for the world's 1.5 billion Muslims, the company added.

Filming of the $150 million movie is set to start in 2011, with Barrie Osborne as its producer, Alnoor Holdings said.

Alnoor said the film - in which the Prophet would not be depicted, in accordance with Islamic strictures - was in development and talks were being held with studios, talent agencies and distributors in the United States and Britain.

The company launched a $200 million international film fund on October 31 to invest in film projects amid tight financing in the wake of the financial crisis and plans to focus on Hollywood.

Alnoor said it aimed to attract the "best international talent" to star in the motion picture.

The company was set up this year to take advantage of economic opportunities in the entertainment industry, focusing on international film production, Arabic production and animation. (Reuters)

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Shaikh Abu Reza 10 years ago

Why take help of Hollywood film makers to make the movie, on Prophet Mohammad (SAW), there are many muslim Egyptian and Iranian Movie makers who are world renowned. Lets keep some sanctity, it only proves the weakness towards the west by Middle East. It is not a good idea to make films altogether on our Prophet Mohammad (SAW), because this project may be instrumental in future project, as a stepping stone for many to distort Islam by gradually taking liberty to make more films and implant distortion inch by inch in films, without us realizing. We must see, the people behind the project and the motive.

Ismial Mohd 10 years ago

Come on ! Let us give the credit where it is due. The erstwhile movie "The message" which depictedted the prophet had many western actors and it was well received.

Sultan Kabir 10 years ago

I totally agree on the comments from Shaikh, firstly its not allowed in Islam to see movies. and taking a movie on Prophet Mohammed (SAW) whose life is to be taken as example and not as an entertainment as another hit or flop. This movie I don't understand who has had this crazy ideas of making films on movies. This project should be stopped in the first instance as said by Shaikh earlier this would act as stepping stop to other who will intentionally tarnish and adultrate the facts by fiction. I'm strictly against these thoughts of people taking such steps to make money in recession.

Sunny 10 years ago

As much as I know, Islam forbids depicting Ph. Mohamed. How they will make a movie then?!

Doug 10 years ago

While clearly there is absolutely no question that the Prophet (PBUH) should not be visually depicted....where on earth does it say in the Koran that watching a movie is forbidden by Islam? I expect also the producers will be taking every step possible to avoid 'distortion'.

Saoud 10 years ago

I agree with the comments above that Prophet Mohammed should not be depicted in any way and wonder how will they manage to do a movie. On the other hand, I find it very interesting and will be one of the first people to watch it. Haven't u noticed that a huge percentage of muslims out there do not have any idea about the Quran nor the history of Prophet Mohammad? Do you expect them to read about them? Forget about it. Nowadays, the main means of reaching the people is television and making such a movie is a wake up call to all those teenagers out there who are muslim only by birth. Lets no forget the fact that the movie is being produced by the elite of the motion picture industry and is being monitored by a media firm in an Islamic country. Now, keeping all that in mind, I feel comfortable with this idea and believe it will be a blockbuster and only those radical muslims out there, who only want to cause trouble, will have issues.

Ahmed ElRidi 10 years ago

I wonder what would AlSa7aba say about us, seeing how we are always trying to live in the past, I believe that if they lived in our time, they would have used every opportunity to use, Internet, Movies, Mobile, to distribute AlDa3wa. Please READ before you WRITE, it was mentioned in the article that the Prophet will not be depicited in the movie !! Haven't you watched the great movie (AlResala?), I believe this was a great example on how to make a movie about Prohet Mo7mmad (SAW), or you probably did not because movies are 7aram !!

AH 10 years ago

Maybe the movie would be a medium for distributing the true message of the prophet to a worldwide audience. Maybe then the world would recognize Islam as a truly peaceful religion. Maybe the movie would help correct the various stereotypes of the religion. Maybe our region would benefit from all these initiatives to share our talent and beliefs with the rest of the world. Maybe …just maybe…Sultan and Shaikh are wrong to live in this secluded bubble that forbids any critical thinking.

DMT 10 years ago

In 1976, Director Moustapha Akkad (producer of Halloween) produced The Message (english version) and Al-Risalah (arabic). It was a phenomenal movie and highly recommended. They never depicted the prophet and there was a high profile cast. Everyone should watch it before this new one is produced. RIP Moustapha Akkad.

JK 10 years ago

Those who are wondering how this movie will be made without the Prophet (PBUH) will need to watch The messenger with Anthony Quinn. A very well done movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074896/ Also, this film was made in both English and Arabic with two different casts. Scenes were shot back to back in both languages. The arabic version, if my memory is correct, was with Omar Shareef instead of anthony Quinn.