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Thu 27 Aug 2015 12:21 PM

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Queen Rania: Muslims must do more to stop ISIL

100 million jobs must be created in the region by 2020 in order to avoid disaffected young people from joining the ranks of jihadists, says Jordanian royal

Queen Rania: Muslims must do more to stop ISIL
Queen Rania of Jordan delivers a speech during the Grand Opening of French employers organisation Medef at the Medef Summer Conference on August 26, 2015 in Jouy-en-Josas, near Paris. (AFP/Getty Images)

Queen Rania of
Jordan has said Muslims must do more to stop the spread of ISIL in the region.

Speaking at the
opening of MEDEF (Mouvement des Entreprises de France) Summer University forum
in Jouy-en-Josas near Paris, Queen Rania said that although there is a military
effort to defeat Daesh (ISIL), Muslims must do more on the ideological front.

"We are
facing a time of great peril. Daesh, or the so-called ISIL, continues
to spread its diabolical ideology," she said.

“We’re not
actively helping Daesh," she told the audience, “but we’re not actively
stopping them either. And we can’t stand against them until we, as Muslims,
agree on what we stand for and how we tackle this extremist ideology growing on
the fringes of our peaceful, compassionate faith.”

Queen Rania
said that negative perceptions of the region compound what is already a harsh
reality on the ground. She said the Arab region is facing a time of great

warned that extremists groups are not only creating havoc in the region, but
also negatively influencing global perceptions of the region.

“The so-called
Islamic State [ISIL],” she said, “continues to spread its evil ideology with terror
tactics, not only maligning Islam and Muslims at every turn but changing global
perceptions of our region. Moderate Muslims the world over are not doing enough
to win the ideological struggle at the heart of this battle.”

The Queen urged
an audience of 2,000 top French and European decision makers and influencers to
recognise the promise and potential of the Arab world, particularly its young
people, and resist the extremists’ efforts to brand the region as violent and

“It is Arab
Youth who will reshape and rebrand the Middle East. They are the entrepreneurs
and innovators. The mediators and peacemakers. The CEOs and social media
influencers. They are the people who will lay the foundations of a more stable,
a more safe and prosperous tomorrow for us all.”

Queen Rania
said creating job opportunities in the region for the youth was an
"imperative", adding that somewhere in the region of 100 million jobs
must be created in the region by 2020 in order to avoid disaffected young people
from joining the ranks of jihadists.

“Failure is not
an option. Because if we fail, the extremists win. And if they win, the region
unravels. Fast. And if the region unravels, the world will feel the aftershocks
for a long time to come,” she said.

“For our young
people to be truly fabulous and to realise fabulous futures, they need three
things: education, opportunities, and jobs, and a bit of luck, and someone to
believe in them.”

Srikanth 4 years ago

Queen has revealed the truth, education from the womb, starting with mother's love, affection and also love from all the people around the human child, positive thinking that we are all one and we can live together anywhere in this huge world. Allah will love all of us when we join our hands in each others love/affection.Leave the negative side of destruction, build a good life and see the joy in yourself.Think of all the great emperors, world wars, they could not create a single entity.Even lion cannot eat all the animals and say only our species should live.At the precious moment of destruction(building/human) just think it could have been yourself in your previous birth or destroying a person is your own self, like a mirror image.With an open heart discuss how to attain happiness.Allah has given this life and world for happiness of everyone.Please all the religious leaders in the world give these loving words to all and let us find happiness in this world. Understand inbetweenwords