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Sun 31 Jul 2011 08:12 AM

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Ramadan rules will be ‘enforced with courtesy’

Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim says tourists, expats quick to obey holy month rules

Ramadan rules will be ‘enforced with courtesy’
Most expats are respectful of the cultural laws that apply in Ramadan, Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim says

The head of the Dubai Police has said that courtesy and discretion will be the watchword as his department gears up to enforce Ramadan regulations across the emirate.

“We train our officers how to deal with different nationalities and to respect non-Muslims who may inadvertently offend Muslims during Ramadan by eating, drinking or smoking in public places during the day,” Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim told Arabian Business.

“We show them that these things happen, and they are to deal with it in a courteous way so that they would refrain from doing it again.”

The Association of British Travel Agents, the UK’s largest travel trade body, has told its members to warn tourists visiting during the holy month that they will face curbs on eating and drinking during daylight hours.

But Lt Gen Tamim said that most tourists and expatriates are quick to obey the rules when notified by the police.

“Usually most expatriates would respect our Ramadan habits and would comply upon alerting them for the need to avoid eating and they accept that with a polite response most of the time,” he added. “Any policeman who behaves in an offending way to people would be taken to court.”

Authorities in Dubai earlier this month warned of strict penalties for those caught breaking cultural laws in Ramadan.

 Offenders can expect one warning before they risk arrest and a fine of up to AED2,000, said Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Hotel chains Jumeirah Group and Hilton Hotels & Resorts said last week they had issued etiquette guidelines to guests visiting their Dubai hotels during Ramadan.

Ashton 8 years ago

Can anyone clarify the working hours during Ramadan in the UAE, are they separate for Muslims and Non-Muslims?

Moha 8 years ago

working hours in Ramadan for Muslims and Non-Muslims are same. If any company break working hours because of religion, you should report that.
Ramadan Kareem

Jim 8 years ago

I dont understand, it is not law in the Koran not to fast? So why is it law in the country?

robin 8 years ago

For the last 2 weeks, the UAE Govt. has taken the trouble to announce the working hours, in the news papers, text messages etc. Where have you been ? If your still in doubt as a friend he/she will know.

robin 8 years ago

If you're a first timer in this part of the world, just follow the trend of not consuming anything in public from dawn to dusk (not an impossible task ) and everyone is happy.

BlowJ 8 years ago

Emirates Airline don't seem to observe this rule & is anyone doing anything about it? Yes, I don't think so!

Mounir 8 years ago

Fasting is a requirement to all Muslims (except those who are unable to, due to medical reasons or travel, etc). So yea, it is a 'law' in the Koran; where did you get that it wasn't?

saif 8 years ago

Fasting is a must for all muslims who are able to.

Those who choose not to fast are welcome not to however they must not eat or drink in public.

Many actions, all over the world, though perfectly legal in private or a restricted area are illegal if carried out or performed in public.

love dubai 7 years ago

i belive in respecting the system, if they tell me i shoud not eat in public, then i will not, but sometimes its easy to forget, the other day i was drinking a red bull on the street when a car flash his lights, then i remenber, its very easy to forget for a non muslim,i am european and i am local friends, one of my local friends should at one person for smoking a cigarret in public, and he told me, that the reason he shout was because its hard for him to cope when he is fasting, but then he went to his house and watch a movie with a scene of a couple eating in the restaurant, and he did not even turn the channel away or turn it off, so i ask him whats the point of shouting to the man, if he coupes with the tv food, he told me , because its ilegal, make no sense to me.other think i hear is that we europeans dont respect the dress code, in europe we dont tell a muslim person what to wear,it should be both ways,woman with shorts and sandals are a normal thing for me in the summer time