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Wed 12 Aug 2009 07:50 AM

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Retailer forced to withdraw naked couple T-shirts

Desigual in Dubai Mall apologises for offence caused by T-shirt of nude man and woman.

A shop in Dubai Mall has issued an apology for stocking T-shirts with a drawing of a naked man and woman on the front.

Spanish brand Desigual was forced to withdraw the stock after customers complained they were in bad taste and offensive to local sensitivities, The National reported.

A statement by the firm said: “It appears that the batch of robot T-shirts were sent in error from the head office of Desigual in Spain.

“Desigual Dubai sincerely apologises for any offence that may have been caused to shoppers by the delivery of this particular product.”

This is the latest shop to withdraw inappropriate stock in recent months as Dubai authorities clampdown on public decency laws.

Last month, Harvey Nichols, in the Mall of the Emirates, was forced to remove T-shirts which had the image of a British bulldog standing on top of a UAE flag.

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Hassan 10 years ago

My question is, IF the batch of the T-shirts was an "error" then why did they DISPLAY it in the shop? Any item before being put on for "sale" or "display" is APPROVED by the management and the higher authorities. They did this on purpose and willingly. As an Emarati, I am offended severely from this and I see this as Desigual NOT respecting my religion, culture and values. I will boycott this brand til my last breathe and also call upon wise people to take similar or appropriate stance on this issue so that no other firm in the future dares to disrespect the local community and their beleifs.

Jack Black 10 years ago

Do your company some favor and carry out some research first. Jewish, Muslim, and, if Harvey Nichols designer thought-out reading the Christian bible, dogs are considered as unclean. And putting a dog, even if it’s not a British bulldog, on it is very insulting indeed. A camel might have been considered. Different countries held their flags in different passion. Americans love women clad with skimpy spangle bikini. And humble enough not to attack a country or a group burning their beloved flag. By all means, be hilarious. But respect is way much better, don't cha think?

Nick 10 years ago

but how is a naked robot offensive?

PROUD INDIAN 10 years ago

Dear Hassan I must say that you live in a fool's paradise. Eventhough the GCC is a huge market for the American and European brands, the fact remains that the main consumers are the Europeans and American expats and the rich segment among the Asians like Indians. The Filipinos also spend quite a lot on western attire despite their comparatively lower level of income. Don't really think these brands will be picnhed any hard if Arabs like you stop patronising them. I don't mean to offend your sensibility but, the truth is often bitter to accept!!!!!!!

Hassan 10 years ago

Dear Mr. Proud Indian, I think when you live in someone else's house, you need to respect that person's values, culture and religion regardless of the "majaority". Simple words, its not your country, you want naked pictures on your shirt, go HOME!! We dont need people here who dont respect us, our values, traditions, religion and culture. It is not even a question who the "majaority" of the consumers are, but that doesnt give a green light to "expats" here to do as they will and offend the inhabitants of this country. I ask you, if I came to your home and act immoral and offend you, is it acceptable? Similar is the case here, you are a guest in this country, respect the hosts if you want to be respected, otherwise just stay "home" and no one will bother you and you can be, act and wear as u want and will. Please dont take this as offence, it is not my intent. My intent is merely to enlighten the topic further and have a productive discussion.

M. D. Gidwani 10 years ago

I would agree with Mr. Hassan's comments. Had these T-Shirts been caught at the Customs check point, they could have feigned ignorance and passed back the buck to their H.O. in Spain. But it was not so and a chain of responsible people have gone thru' this allegedly indecent material. If one were to visit Desigual's website, one could easily infer that they have a history and precedents for such things. Hence, my conclusion is that it was done on purpose and possibly to test the market . . .

Sally 10 years ago

What about Sarkozy saying he wanted to ban the burqa because it's not part of French culture and discriminates against women. That's the same is it not Hassan?

Rent Surveyor 10 years ago

Sally ... how bout banning mini skirts and tube tops ??.. thats offensive to the arabic culture .... so dont wear it ?? lets ban all these different things from different cultures that are offensive ..and keep our cultures pure ... !! to a westerner a nude print tshirt is not offensive, but a burkha is.. to an arab a tube top or a bikini or a mini skirt is offensive .. ! when France bans the burkha coz they think it is forced on the women and they want to liberate the muslim women, why cant the arabs ban scantily clad women for being offensive..


Dear Proud Indian May be wearing a nude t-shirt is acceptable in your home in front of your mother and sister. But for us these sort of signs are the way to walk towards the path of evil. Islam is a religion of peace and purity, when I say purity it also means not having a nasty thought. The picture in the could resemble anyone and we muslims do not want to cause any of public offense to a woman be it directly or indirectly. In Islam every human beings are supposed to be treated with dignity and respect. You are an expat and try to show some respect to the culture and religion of this country.

Witty-Pinay 10 years ago

This is not our country. They have rules here and we have to obey. We all should know that we are in a Muslim Country. Dubai, has given the non-muslim expats an opportunity to have a normal life. Christians can go to their churches, women can wear normal clothing, but of course to some extent. We all should be grateful that we are given a chance to live our normal lives here. Not unlike in other Middle East countries. So at least a little respect to the Local Emirates Culture. Be grateful people..