Revealed: The 100 world's most influential Arabs 2017
Tue 27 Jun 2017 05:00 AM
Ahmed Abou Hashima

Ahmed Abou Hashima

Industry: Industry

Company: Egyptian steel group

Designation: Chairman and CEO

Country: Egypt

In a relatively short period of time, Ahmed Abou Hashima has become one of MENA’s most prominent businessmen. Launching Cairo-based Egyptian Steel Group in 2010, he has overseen its rapid growth despite disruptive events, such as the Arab Spring, to become the largest green steel manufacturer.

With steel considered a benchmark commodity, Abou Hashima says he intends to become a significant contributor to the Egyptian economy. The group has subsidiaries National Port Said Steel (NPSS), IIC for Steel Plants Management and Egyptian Steel for Building Materials Trading.

A graduate of Commerce-Suez Canal University in Egypt, Abou Hashima, is well placed to oversee the group, having begun his career trading steel rebars, before moving on to steel production and the import of steel rebars and billets.

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