Revealed: Top 100 HR Executives in the Middle East
Thu 10 Sep 2015 12:08 PM
Ryno Greeff

Company: Depa United Group

Designation: Group HR Director

As Group HR Director, Ryno Greeff is in charge of HR and Admin at Depa, overseeing the  recruitment of staff and labour, talent management, succession planning, learning and development, compensation  and benefits, payroll and personnel administration. He is also responsible for aligning the HR Operations with the corporate business strategy, ensuring that Depa’s human  resources suit the operational challenges of one of the largest global interior contracting companies.

Founded in 1996 in Dubai, Depa has evolved into a local  success story, working across different trades, sectors and geographies, delivering excellence in hospitality,  residential, commercial, infrastructure, yacht and private  jet interiors.

For Mr. Greeff, an ideal candidate for Depa is someone who understands the particularities of  interior contracting and has a can and will do approach,  combined with creative thinking and the potential to  lead.