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Sun 17 Nov 2013 09:25 AM

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Revealed: World's tallest buildings

The new rankings sees Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Makkah Royal Clock Tower retain their places at the top of the list

Revealed: World's tallest buildings

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia have retained their status as the world’s top two tallest buildings after the latest ruling from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

After meeting on November 8, the council determined the official height of the under-construction One World Trade Centre in New York – making it the third-tallest building in the world and tallest skyscraper in the US with an architectural top of 1,776 feet (541.3m).

Burj Khalifa is officially set at 2,717 feet (828.14m) and the Makkah Clock is 1,971 feet (601m).

The council said because One World Trade Center was still unfinished it could not yet enter CTBUH rankings as a “completed building”. “But its height is no longer in dispute,” it said.

The design height of the One World Trade Center was set at 1,776 feet to commemorate the year of the Declaration of Independence of the United States from Great Britain, and to reaffirm the principles behind the nation’s founding in the face of attacks that destroyed the original World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.

Making up the remainder of the top 10 list are the Taipei 101 tower (508m), Shanghai World Financial Centre (492m), International Commerce Centre (484m), Petronas Tower 1&2 (452m), Zifeng Tower (450m) and the Wilis Tower (442m).

The tallest buildings ranking is likely to change again with a number of
mega skyscrapers planned or under construction.

The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi, is set to be the world’s tallest
building at 1000m when it is finished in 2019.

Also under construction, the Sky City tower in Changsha, China, will be
second tallest at 838m when finished. The completion of both buildings will
relegate the Burj Khalifa to third place in the rankings list.

Meanwhile, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower will slip from second to tenth
when other planned or under-construction projects are completed.

Among them is the 700m Suzhou Zhongnan Centre in China, Ping An Finance
Centre (660m) in China and Signature Tower (638m) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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