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Sat 19 Mar 2011 04:13 PM

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SABIC, Saudi Aramco grants staff two-month salary bonus

Saudi petrochemicals giant makes payout in line with benefits announced by King Abdullah

SABIC, Saudi Aramco grants staff two-month salary bonus
The headquarter of SABIC. (Getty Images)

State oil giant Saudi Aramco

and Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC)

said on Saturday they would grant employees a two-month salary

bonus in line with benefits announced by King Abdullah.

Khalid al-Falih, Aramco's CEO, was quoted as saying in a

statement that the bonus would include employees and trainees.

King Abdullah offered $93 billion in handouts on Friday and

boosted his security and religious police forces, opting for a

mixture of carrot and stick to stave off unrest rocking the Arab


"In response to this generous approach and based on its

social responsibilities, SABIC decided to grant its employees

inside the kingdom a basic salary bonus of two months," SABIC

said in an emailed statement.

SABIC, the world's largest petrochemicals company by market

value, is 70-percent by the Saudi government and Aramco is the

major contributor to the Saudi wealth.

In 2010, oil accounted for about 85 percent of the budgetary

revenue of world's largest oil exporter and around 31 percent of

its gross domestic product.

Contractor Emoplyee 8 years ago

It's Great News and Thanks to King Abdullah.
I request, please consider contractor (Saudi & Non Saudi) working in SABIC atleast in this bonus.

Khalid Khan 8 years ago

No news still that non-saudi staff in government departments are included or not?

Mahmood Shah 8 years ago

The bonus is for Saudis only.

Sandpiper 8 years ago

This is a blatant attempt to buy loyalty, truly a sign of weakness.

Ftrichard 8 years ago

Why don't the Saudi industrial giants put this money into funds to help develop employment instead of giving further bonusses to well paid staff?

Ahmed 8 years ago

Two months salary bonus for Saudis only at King Faisal Specailsit Hospital & Research Center Riyadh. Expats are totally ignored. What a shame .

Ronald 8 years ago

Agree with you Ahmed, shame on KFSH. The expat employees are dedicated to advanced medical care of the Saudi Nationals. Shame that KFSH has ignored their staff once again.

mel 8 years ago

Shame on KFSH!! I heard that other companies have included all staff and if this is true, then how does KFSH get to make this decision? As an expat I feel insulted especially as I offer an essential and effective service to the Saudi nationals. A little recognition goes a long way. Needless to say, I think it was a bad decision for KFSH to make this announcement just a little more than a week before JCIA. It might have serious repecussions on the outcome if expats feel that they are not being appreciated or acknowledged! Why would they have to go the extra mile for a hospital who discriminates and has such complete disregard for them? It really is not about the money but the PRINCIPLE. I personally know of a lot of staff who are considering leaving as this is personal!! Yes, this is not our Saudi Arabia and people would probably argue that we can leave if we don't like it. But does this mean we don't deserve some appreciation or our hard work???

faisal 8 years ago

you are right brother! it should be fair!

faisal 8 years ago

Why for saudi nationals only? in some government establishments like hospitals still didn't receive any two month salary bonus only saudi national receive it. But if you will imagine all non-saudi are also working hard for this country. The king didn't say only saudi will receive it he said ALL GOVERNMENT... but what is happening now?